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Having over 15 years of experience in the personal injury sector has allowed us to collect a number of real and accurate statistics to display to our customers. Tim has years of litigation experience, handling an impressive variety of injury claims including road traffic accident, medical negligence and work accident cases.
Nick was one of our first qualified solicitors to join the legal department, having substantial experience in all fields of personal injury and has settled numerous high profile cases. Our personal injury solicitors have over 15 years legal experience, and will be able to tell you immediately if you have a claim for compensation.
We will get to know you and assign a specialist solicitor to your case should you have a claim.
We do not pass on your personal details & they are kept secure - please view our privacy policy. A claim for personal injury compensation is best dealt with by a specialist personal injury solicitor.
If you are unsure whether or not you should make a claim for compensation then simply call us on 0161 763 8260 or complete our online form and we will let you know quickly if you have a valid claim – completely free of charge.
Changes in the air pressure in the Eustachian tube during air travel or on high altitudes might temporarily plug the ear tube. If allergies such as hay fever are responsible for clogging the ear tube, you should take antihistamine medications to unclog the blocked ear tube.
When we swallow, vacuum develops in the nose, which helps to open up the blocked Eustachian tube. If you have suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault in the last three years, then The Personal Injury Practice’s team of no win no fee lawyers are here to help you get the compensation you deserve. We are one of the UK’s leading Specialist Accident Injury Compensation Solicitors, members of the Law Society and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers. The Personal Injury Practice injury solicitors offer a dedicated service to you when you’re making an accident injury claim. Every year thousands of people suffer a fall for a variety of reasons in differing situations.

Industrial accidents include those associated with lifting, operating machinery, falls in the workplace, inadequate or defective safety equipment, and the negligent acts of a fellow worker. From 8 April 2013 Personal Independence Payment (PIP) will replace Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for people aged 16 to 64 with a health condition or disability.
If you’re claiming Personal Independence Payment as a direct result of a personal injury which happened at work, and you would like us to check if you can also claim for personal injury then Click here. Whatever type of accident you have suffered it is our aim to ensure that your injury claim is dealt with efficiently and that you are kept fully informed by our injury lawyers at each stage through to settlement.
Remember that there are time constraints as to when you can make an accident or injury claims for compensation, so it is important that you don’t delay and start your claim straightaway. The Personal Injury Practice offers no win no fee legal services across the UK to many people claiming compensation for personal accidents, industrial injury, road traffic accidents, slip or fall, child claims and many other types of accident claim.
If you’ve had an accident or injury, you can call us on our accident helpline free on 0800 783 9577. If you have any pre-event legal expenses insurance cover under your motor or household insurance policy and, if so and for so long as the insurers concerned will provide adequate indemnity for your costs with us, you will receive 100% compensation and we will not take anything out of your damages*. We offer a no win no fee - pay nothing if you lose service*, meaning you won’t pay a penny if your claim isn’t successful.
We are proud that our client testimonials prove that we are providing an excellent service to those who need our help. Lynne is on hand to guide our clients through the claims process ensuring they obtain the right amount of compensation. With over 15 years experience and a proven track record of winning 98% of our cases that go to court, we can get you the compensation you deserve.
If we accept your case, it will be under a no win no fee* agreement, meaning you won't pay a penny. Accident Assistance are specialist personal injury solicitors and we deal only with personal injury claims. If water remains inside the ear for a prolonged period, it could increase the risk of ear infection.

If sinus blockage causes ear congestion, steam inhalation could unplug the clogged ear by healing nasal sinus blockage. When you do we want to make sure that it is a positive experience that you would happily recommend our injury lawyers to your friends, colleagues and family. 542 6583, are a firm of solicitorsauthorised and regulated by the the Solicitors Regulation Authority No. Contact Accident Assistance on 0161 763 8260 or fill in our contact form and one of our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.
To treat ear congestion caused by water trapped in the ear, you can put two drops of vinegar in the affected ear. Our dedicated accident injury solicitors has built its reputation on its commitment to client care ensuring access to justice with peace of mind for your injury claim.
Alternatively you may have slipped in a supermarket due to a wet floor, or tripped over an obstruction at work. We will guide you through the claim process to make the whole experience as hassle free as possible.
After one or two minutes, you will hear the sound of hydrogen peroxide fizzing in your ear. Our friendly, helpful staff are always available if you need any help or advice, not just at the beginning but throughout the course of your claim. When the fizzing sound stops, turn the head to allow the liquid remaining inside your ear to drain out. People under 16 or over 65 won’t normally be affected by PIP and most people getting DLA won’t be affected until 2015.

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