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Cranial nerves & Cranial nerve nuclei : The base of the brain showing locations of cranial nerves ? There are 12, paired cranial nerves. Somatic efferent Nerve Nuclei ? Oculomotor nucleus : lies at the base of periaqueductal grey of midbrain at the level of superior colliculus. Branchiomotor efferent Nerve Nuclei ? Trigeminal motor nucleus : lies in the tegmentum of the mid-pons and its motor Fs. Parasympathetic efferent Nerve Nuclei : ? Edinger-Westphal nucleus lies in midbrain adjacent to oculomotor nucleus.

Accomodation Reflex : ? Fixation upon a nearby object, involves contraction of ciliary muscles to increase the convexity of lens, thus focusing the image. Sensory components of Trigeminal nerve (for proprioceptive sensation) : Brain stem and location of trigeminal sensory nucleus & its major connections. Bell’s Palsy :LMN facial paralysis It is due to acute unilateral inflammation of facial nerve within the skull (in facial canal). Afferent Nerve Nuclei : ? Fibres carrying general sensation from the head via trigeminal N.

2-Spinal nucleus extends caudally through the medulla and upper cervical spinal cord to become continuous with substantia gelatinosa, it recevies pain & temp.sensation from face & scalp. 3-Mesencephalic nucleus in midbrain, it recevies proprioception (deep) sensation from head.

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