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Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neurodegenerative disorder that damages the nerves in the brain and spinal cord, leading to problems with muscle movement, balance and vision. Myelin is a substance composed mainly of lipids that forms a protective coating around the long axonal fibres of the nerves. Related StoriesUsing stem cells to tackle CNS disorders: an interview with Dr Stefano PluchinoWhy don’t MS patients always engage with specialists? The relapsing and remitting form of MS (RRMS) eventually progresses to secondary progressive MS, where there is a worsening of symptoms and fewer or no periods of remission. The least common form of MS is primary progressive MS which occurs in about 10% to 15% of all MS cases. At present there are no cures for this condition and treatment is aimed at delaying disease progression and relieving symptoms.
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At the age of 57, David (not his real name) had been a physical education teacher for 27 years.

Since David was 57 years old, one may argue that his hearing loss was probably related to his aging. NIHL, by comparison, the degree of the loss must be greater than that of the reference population.
Figure 3 presents a graph of the whistle sound, a narrow band sound centring at 3150 Hz.
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The axon conducts neural messages in the form of electrical impulses that travel from one end of the nerve cell to the other. As the electrical impulse travels along an excited axon fibre, the electric impulse cannot flow through the resistant myelin sheath and travels straight along the axon to reach the next node of Ranvier.
The body’s immune system mistakes the myelin sheath for a foreign body and mounts an immune response against it, stripping it away from the nerve fibres.
These individuals have periods where their symptoms are mild or absent (remission), followed by periods of symptom relapse.

In this form of the condition, symptoms get worse over time rather than occurring in bouts or as sudden attacks.
MS can be treated with several disease-modifying drugs that can slow disease progression and also reduce the length and severity of relapses. This leads to disruption of the nerve signal along the nerve fibre, which may be slowed or not transmitted at all, and causes the symptoms associated with demyelination. Some examples of medications include beta interferon, copolymer 1, and immunosuppressants such as mitoxantrone and natalizumab. Oligodendrocytes are the most abundant cell in the central nervous system and the processes of just one oligodendrocyte can insulate up to 50 axons.
Eventually, the nerves themselves become damaged, leading to progressive worsening of neurological symptoms.

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