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This page might be of interest to you if you've discovered your kitten is deaf and are wondering about deaf cat behaviour. Spot will either completely ignore it, or if she's feeling playful, she will chase it around or climb on it. If I clap loudly when Spot is asleep on top of the fridge she doesn't notice at all, but a very gently tap on the fridge will instantly wake her.
She doesn't shout all the time, but is very loud when she wants some food, or when announcing she's about to go to the toilet. She also lets out a very loud involuntary MARE when she's overcome with pleasure due to being scratched under the chin.
Extremely loud MARES are often produced as a sign of fascination or curiosity, such as when watching the tap dripping. She still tends to point her ears in the direction she wants to pick up sound from, as do normal cats.
Letting deaf cats or kittens go outside is not advised due to worries about the traffic, but it's no bother for Spot, as she has to stay indoors anyway, being in an upstairs flat. Generally, they get along okay, but occasionally there's a hiss and growl from the other cat. I think this is because when other cats (or people) are out of visual range, she has no idea where they are.
Spot's really well behaved in terms of carpet and furniture scratching, but disciplining a deaf cat is almost impossible! Being completely stone deaf, she won't be startled by loud sounds, so it's very difficult to tell her not to do something.
Any attempts to tap her on the nose or push her away just end it lots of purring and the start of another game of attack-the-hand.
Apparently, using a water pistol or plant sprayer is a good idea to discourage the usual naughty kitten behaviour, but I haven't tried that yet. One strange thing Spot used to do, aged 7 to 10 weeks, and suddenly stopped, is going to sleep under the duvet on my bed. Every day, when coming home from work, I wouldn't be able to find her anywhere, but then found that she'd always emerge from the bed.
Apparently this is not uncommon, and the vet asked whether Spot is as active as she should be, as affected kittens and cats can be lacking in energy due to being out of breath.
She especially likes it when I turn her ears inside out so she can show off her ear-hair to fullest effect. Spot is not normally allowed outside due to her deafness, but on occasion she likes to sit in some mud. Spot's eyes gradually turned from blue as a kitten to a greeny yellow over her first year, as you can see in the pictures. Now Spot is over a year old, her Monster Ear Hair seems to have retracted back into her ears and sprouted from between her toes.
There are plenty more pictures of Spot on the Pentax K-m Sample Kitten Photos page, so feel free to have a look there! Spot is so lovely and we are to thinking of getting a white kitten, i absolutely love the pictures you have shown as it gives us an idea of how she has grown up.
I recently got a white kitten and after about a week I noticed she doesn't wake up unless I touch her so I tried ripping paper behind her head and some other tests and she isn't reacting. I've also got a white kitten just like yours and after reading this article, i realised my kitten has the same features with long ear and feet hairs, but im sure she does have hearing but unaware whether she will loose it over time. I rescued 2 white kittens 9 months ago and just realized the green eyed girl is deaf but her blue eyed brother is not.
He has no problems being out on his own but obviously its difficult to shout him last thing at night becuase he can't hear ! He's a very sociable cat and everyone who has been round over the last couple of months has taken to him.
We just got an adorable white kitten named Romeo and we've just discovered that he is deaf.

I rescued a nine week old white kitten with a black on his head and 2 different colored eyes.
I've just adopted a white kitten with odd coloured eyes .hes about 8 week old and is deaf. After getting them home the vet comfirmed they were only three weeks old and not 6 weeks as the breeder had said .
We decided it was fairer to keep Alfie with his two brothers to see if he could have a normal life. Decided at night was best because he would see the car head lights and I hoped would move so I put all three kittens out and I watched as they played at first in the garden then three nights later they went off my heart sank would he be ok.
I stumbled upon your website while looking up deaf white kitten with tuft of grey hair between the ears.
Among the challenges of advancing age in cats are arthritis, cancer, cognitive dysfunction,dental disease, failing vision, hearing loss, heart disease, hyperthyroidism and kidney disease. If you notice these signs in your cat, talk to your veterinarian about ways to relieve those achy joints. Cats tend to be less prone to cancer than dogs: Fifty percent of all dogs and 30 percent of all cats over the age of 10 will be diagnosed with some form of cancer,  Dr. Fortunately, cats with CDS can sometimes be managed with medication, environmental changes and behavior modification techniques. Copyright © 2016 Town & Country Animal Hospital 1828 Santa Barbara Blvd Naples FL 34116All Rights Reserved. Are her eyes turning more gold as she gets older or is does it just seem that way in the photos?
I was wondering what kind of cat Spot is, because we got a cat for Easter, and we don't know what breed she is, and she looks almost exactly like Spot. His mom doesn't want to care for him and after 3 days of seeing him alone in the hay miauling like mad I decided to take him home. We just got a white kitten "millie" who is 4 months old and today I have realised she is deaf. My best advice would be to let him have his own hiding places out of the way, which out sounds like he has, and just give it time. He is the most affectionate cat he loves rubbing his head into yours and he does it to all of my other animals, I have another cat called Star she is a Tonkanese I also have 2 dogs Skye a malteseXshih and a blue heeler.
I am looking for help with his behavior issues I adopted him at 6 months of ages a month after a hind leg amputation and only found out about the deafness later. At four months old they were all keen to go out so I buttered there paws something I had been told years ago to do so they don't just run off they luck there paws slowly and leave a butter trail .
The next morning at 6 I heard the loudest miow I ran from my bed to find Alfie sitting in the door mat purring.
One of the blessings of cats is that age seems to creep up on them gently — so much so that it may be difficult for us to notice that they really are getting older and have developed some of the common health problems of old age. Though these health problems are inevitable in most cases, veterinarians and pet owners can work together to help cats stay comfortable and contented, rather than growing creaky and cranky. Though there aren’t a lot of medications available for arthritic cats, they may benefit from nutritional supplements, such as glucosamine and chondroitin. Heather Wilson, assistant professor of oncology at the Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, says.
Your veterinarian should check him out to make sure his symptoms aren’t caused by another health problem, such as arthritis or a urinary tract infection. I have been looking to adopt a cat preferably white or light gray but i really want a deaf cat.. But I still taught her sign language - just a few hand movements for "kiss", "petting her head", "scratching her chin", "jump up", etc. I notice one was not bothered at all by the Hoover and also wouldn't run to me when I came in the room , it became apparent that he was deaf this was so sad as he was going to be my daughters cat and was brought as company for her kitten. We didn't know he was deaf when we had him but after only a few hours I realised something was different about him.

Let’s take a look at some of the conditions you may see in your senior cat and how they can be treated or managed. Arnold Plotnick, studies have shown that 90 percent of cats 10 years of age and older are likely to have radiographic signs of arthritis.
I'd like to send you a picture because he looks exactly like yours did as a wee babe, grey shading on the head and all.
I was looking up why that might be, considering deaf cats are usually 100% white, and this site is what I was led to.
At every opportunity he tries to get outside am I helping him or slowly and painfully torturing him? I would communicate with her from across a room that I loved her or I wanted her to do something.
They are especially prone to this painful degenerative joint disease if they are allowed to become overweight or obese.
You can make it easier for him to use the litterbox by providing steps to it or cutting out a section so he can walk right into it.
But he also loves his freedom and since that first time I have watched him following his brothers and moving out if the road when his brothers do. At first I was heartbroken for him as he would have to be an indoor cat,[I have 4 other cats]while the other cats go out.But I have had to be very careful as he tries to escape sometimes.
Suspect arthritis if your cat no longer wants to go up or down stairs or jump on or off furniture, has difficulty grooming himself, pees outside the litterbox because it’s difficult for him to climb inside, or seems stiff after standing up.
It’s a degenerative change in the brain that can cause your cat to become anxious, forgetful or confused. After months or years you'll be amazed at the sensitivity they develop to the tiniest vibrations.
Anyway, the blackness is going away (I think, unless it just seems that way since he's getting bigger) but it's so unusual!! We do not pick him up anymore, but he likes an ear rub every now and again but it only lasts a couple of minutes.
The next morning we opened the door and she came downstairs took a look and went back to her room. She is skittish about anyone touching her ears but likes to be propped on my shoulder as I talk into her body.
Diesel is a dark charcoal grey & at 7 wks he had huge hairy ears which he has "grown into". I haven't tried the hoover thing yet.we banged my sons drums but rather than be afraid Tommie just wanted to play with the sticks. I try to say things that cause puffs of air against her fur and she seems to like that as well. He doesn't realise he is different & people who don't know would never think he is deaf.From the moment I realised she was deaf I started reading up on other deaf cats & have managed to teach her some basic sign language.
I wanted a white cat because I had one in the past but he got run over at the age of 18 months. Its possible he was deaf too as he was quite naughty and demonstrated the characters that have been describe on here(but lovely too). His favourite sleeping places are with me and my arm around him or in the bottom of the curtain with it wrapped around him . My son is quite upset as he is worried Tommie may get hurt but I have explained we will just have to love him and protect him even more.
Annie is a little over a year old now and has come to know some hand signals and a bit of "face reading". He is my baby and there is alot of time and effort I have put in and more to go but just no cash.

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