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If you are watching TV or listening to Radio and someone tells you to put down the volume, you might be having the signs of hearing loss. If you feel that you or your loved one needs a hearing test, then this is the right place to start. Classic symptoms include earache, secretion or drainage of fluid from ear, and a feeling of pressure and blockage in the ear.
Sensorineural hearing loss occurs due to damaged hair cells or nerves which cannot be treated.
People with sensorineural hearing loss will often feel that others are mumbling or music is distorted even when the volume of TV or radio is significantly higher. This type of hearing loss is the combination of two or in multiple spots of auditory path that includes outer, middle and inner year.
Ageing may be one of the factors for hearing loss, but studies and statistics have show that around 37 percent cases are due to long term exposure to noise either through working conditions or lifestyle choices. Exposure to noise being the leading cause, whether it be work related or social and lifestyle choices, the approach to protecting ones ears from loud or prolonged noise is recommended for all Australians. If you believe that you may be experiencing the symptoms of hearing loss, it is important to do something about it as soon as possible. Most hearing loss patients are identified by their loved ones who have had enough frustration of their own in trying to explain things over and over to their loved hearing loss sufferer. Well, that's the sign to go and get your hearing tested and opt for the treatment for hearing loss.
This can happen due to excessive earwax, tear in eardrum or fluid build-up due to infection.
It may cause you to turn up the volume on TV or radio, asking people to repeat their conversation, or hearing in one year better than the other.
At the same time, another study shows that almost 50 percent of Australians who experience hearing loss don't even fit in the retirement age of 65 years of age.
The chart below demonstrates the time and noise level it takes to damage one's hearing.

Delaying hearing loss treatment can lead to sensory deprivation and leave you exposed to a range of social and physiological impacts.
Before proceeding with a hearing loss treatment, you will first have to identify the type undergoing a test. Nearly 1 out of 5 Australian live with hearing loss only to find out that the problem is becoming increasingly frustrating and they need to take some treatment for hearing loss. If you are having difficulties in hearing sound in any frequency, you got a problem in hearing. Just as the location of this hearing loss is mixed in nature of auditory path, the causes of this hearing loss are also the combination of both conductive and Sensorineural hearing loss. The sooner one recognises the problem, the quicker it is for them to achieve quality lifestyle and peace of mind undergoing a hearing loss treatment. Sensorineural losses most commonly require artificial hearing aids or cochlear implants as the ideal mean for the treatment for the hearing loss.
For example, someone with inner ear damage due to long term exposure to noise in their workplace and is suffering with an infection in the ear canal. Never delay with the treatment for hearing loss as it will only bring in more pain and increase the trouble. The hearing loss varies from situation to situation, and so does the treatment for hearing loss but overall the quality of hearing decreases as the person gets older. Advances in hearing aid technology and cochlear implants are helping to improve communication for people affected by hearing loss. The damage from noise-induced hearing loss occurs in the inner ear where the structures termed “hair cells” transfer sound waves into electrical signals, that are then transferred to the brain for processing. Noise Induced Hearing Loss Causes The ears are very sensitive parts of the body and can be easily affected or damaged without a person noticing what is happening within the system. Noise induced hearing loss can be the result of a one-time exposure to an intense sound like an explosion. NIHL can also be caused by exposure to loud noises over an extended period of time, such as working in factories, around jets, or with landscaping equipment.

When the decibel level increases by ten, it indicates that the sound is ten times more powerful than a previously measured sound.
You will be asked about other medical conditions and about what over-the-counter and prescription medications you take. A normal conversation usually falls around 60 decibels, while appliances can run around 45 decibels. You may be asked to cover one ear at a time while listening to sounds at different volumes.
Fireworks, firearms, and motorcycles can be some of the biggest sources of noise-induced hearing loss since they register at over 120 decibels. Tests using a tuning fork can check if there is damage to the parts of the middle ear and eardrum that vibrate. Research has shown that repeated exposure to sounds, measuring over 85 decibels can induce hearing loss. This is important to consider when playing music, listening to music, and working or being in loud places continuously. The best ways to go about this are to adapt to the current surrounds to ensure hearing safety. If a person works at a music venue or plays loud instruments like the electric guitar or drums, it’s best to wear hearing protection at times these instruments will be played. However, the doctor will try to identify the cause of your hearing loss before treatment can begin. These are also recommended for jobs where loud noises are constantly present, such as jobs around construction sites, landscaping, and others involving loud equipment. These are the best ways to protect hearing to prevent the likelihood of experiencing noise-induced hearing loss.

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