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Noise induced hearing loss claims are on the rise as these types of claims arise after sometime being exposed to noisy work environment without proper protection.
Noise induced hearing loss can be caused by working in any noisy environment where the noise exceeds certain safe levels for set periods of time. There can be other industries so don’t worry if the industry you work in is not listed above, e.g.
Hearing loss can take years to develop or become noticeable and you would normally have three years to make a hearing loss compensation claim, starting from when you first noticed symptoms or thought that they might have been caused by your work. Once you have determined this and you believe the hearing loss is the cause of noise that exceeds certain safe levels for set periods of time then ask a personal injury solicitor for a free consultation to discuss your case. Every step and procedure will be explained to you by the personal injury solicitor and there is no obligation to make a hearing loss compensation claim.
Hearing tests will be conducted in due course and the personal injury solicitor will get a hearing test arranged for you that will tell them whether the hearing problems are related to noise.

Compare hearing loss compensation solicitors to make an enquiry to get the best advice for your case for free.
Compare Compensation Claims Limited is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities. Please Note: We cannot add your order to our production cue until proper ear impressions are received. You do not even need to call the personal injury solicitor as nowadays you can make simply enquiries online and the solicitor will call you. If you need ear impressions made please utilize our audiologist search engine to locate an audiologist in your area to get your ear impressions made. It is rarely if a hearing loss occurs straight away when you start an employment in a noisy work environment as symptoms of hearing loss take time to develop. Applying for hearing loss compensation is not just limited to noisy industries only but could also include making a hearing loss claim for noisy equipment.

Just fill in a very simple form and the personal injury solicitor will contact you to discuss your case and see whether you have a hearing loss compensation claim. So you might be thinking to yourself whether you are entitled to hearing loss compensation, or thinking how and when you make the hearing loss compensation claim. If you struggle to hear or have to have the TV on loud then try to determine what could be the cause. Well, below we will try to break it down into easy steps that you can follow in order to make a hearing loss compensation claim.
You yourself should know what type of environment or noisy equipment you have been exposed to at your employment or previous employment.

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