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Outside, Tough Sounds headphones reduce the external noise reaching your ears by an effective 25 dB (Decibels).
The streamlined design offers convenient controls that are simple to operate, including an oversized volume knob. If you're having trouble with your Bluetooth connection, press and hold the SRC button for 2 seconds to reset the current Bluetooth connection (this is disabled during a phone call). Whether you are a customer or dealer, if you already own a ION product, or if you just have pre-sales questions, the experienced ION technical support team is available to help! Visit the link below to connect with any of the following support options: online community support, phone support, email support. The 3M TEKK Work Tunes Hearing Protector offers consumers all-in-one hearing protection and high quality entertainment.
For many people working in the manufacturing or construction industries, protecting hearing is of the utmost importance. When the 3M TEKK Work Tunes Hearing Protector arrived, they were very easy to program using the Voice Assist programming feature. Some customer reviews reported wear and tear on the ear cups, but after a month, we did not experience this at all. It is well known that short-term or frequently repeated exposure to loud sound can cause hearing loss, and this process is irreversible. Both headphones amplify ambient sounds up to safe levels, as well as provide sound protection for your hearing. The Adobe Flash Player is required for video playback.Get the latest Flash Player or Watch this video on YouTube.
The taste and color, no friends, the perception of taste and color of an individual, often one like the fact that I do not like the other, so to evaluate the design and ergonomics in the comparison, we did not, even though polls showed the shooters that looks more like the majority of active headphones «PELTOR TACTICAL 6S ». Thus, if we do not take into account the size and weight, active headphones «Howard Leight Impact Sport» definitely win on all counts and are more reasonable choice than «PELTOR TACTICAL 6S». Ruggedly crafted, Tough Sounds feature comfortable ear cushions; the adjustable headband quickly adjusts to provide a cozy fit for every user. Tough Sounds effectively reduces outside noise and protects your ears from hazardous sound levels. Choosing the right hearing protection is important in many aspects of our lives and by combining this level of protection with outstanding entertainment value it is possible to enjoy your favorite music or radio station while shielding your hearing from loud, damaging activities.

Working with loud machinery day in and day out can take a toll on the ear drum, so ear protection is very important. Overall, the 3M TEKK Work Tunes Hearing Protector is a great product and should be a staple for anyone who works in loud environments on a regular basis. During the shooting of firearms shooter’s ears are always at risk, especially when shooting indoors.
Today’s active headset with one hand, provide protection from noise over 82 dB, on the other hand increase the ambient sounds by an average of 19-22 dB. They are almost perfect and it even has a 100% w moisture protection, but the price is not conducive to mass distribution of local shooters.
The main advantage of «Howard Leight Impact Sport» in terms of ergonomics, it’s easy to change batteries on the other hand, when folded, they are much larger than «PELTOR», and this is not always convenient.
Using the internal lithium-ion battery, Tough Sounds can operate for roughly 20+ hours on a single USB charge. 3M TEKK Work Tunes Hearing Protector includes many great features as well as shop quality materials. The 3M TEKK Work Tunes Hearing Protector is a great way for shop workers, mechanics, landscapers, and even homeowners mowing the lawn to not only protect their hearing but also enjoy clear audio while listening to their favorite music or radio show station. The headphones fit well and the material used on the ear cups made them comfortable to wear for long periods of time.
These would also be a great addition to any household for homeowners to use while mowing the lawn or doing regular home maintenance. Protect the ears to help special passive or active earphones, earplugs, and some needle is inserted into the ears of even the spent cartridges. The design allows the active headphones with volume control to strengthen the specific noises and sounds, allowing you to communicate not only comfortable, but also clearly hear the sounds of poorly distinguishable, which may be useful as a hunting, and in carrying out tactical exercises. The most common in the domestic market (Ukraine, Russia), the budgetary active headphones are two models of «PELTOR TACTICAL 6S» and «Howard Leight Impact Sport», whose price is in the range of 60-70 U.S.
Stereo microphones allow you to detect the direction of the sound source, increasing the possibilities of communication and allowing them to use comfortably, without taking a long time. Despite the fact that «Howard» is used in half the battery, in practice, due to sophisticated design volume control and automatic shut-off system, «Howard» can work without changing the battery for much longer. Tough Sounds is the all-in-one solution for effective hearing protection and excellent on-the-go audio.

When put to the test with loud equipment, they did a good job cancelling out the noise to a manageable level and we were still able to hear the music clearly without having to put the volume at a high, equally damaging level. PELTOR WORKTUNES Digital AM FM MP3 Radio HEADPHONES Hearing PROTECTION Ear MuffsNEWEST Version! It should be understood that the use of a hearing protection earplugs or spent cartridges not only comfortable, but can be dangerous to health. When the shooter puts on headphones, on his hearing of the appropriate sound level minus the NRR.
Eardrums from exposure to loud sound of course, they will protect, but to earn over time, the ear mycosis can be quite fast. About them today and we’ll talk, what would determine which model is better at almost the same price.
Headband headphones «Howard» is made of more expensive and quality materials than the «PELTOR».
Tough Sounds from ION Audio will protect your ears while you enjoy great music—on the job or off. Best of all, Tough Sounds provides a built-in microphone and is fully compatible with your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone—so you can stay in contact as you work. Earplugs reduce the noise level of about 20 dB, but they do not protect the bones of the skull around the ear, which are also conductors of sound. NRR parameter is one of the key characteristics of headphones and active shooting «Howard Leight Impact Sport», though not much, just a 3 dB gain in «PELTOR TACTICAL 6S» in terms of noise reduction. Bluetooth technology allows you to stream music to the Tough Sound internal speakers, or even talk on your smart phone.
Wireless technology keeps your device safely in your pocket, while you enjoy flawless audio via the built-in Tough Sound speakers. Passive headsets shooting well protect the organs of hearing, but they prevent the perception of ambient sounds and talk in the headphones or listen to the instructor team is almost impossible. Subjectively, the sound in the headphones «Howard Leight Impact Sport» seems to be more pure and natural.

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