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Tinnitus may seem louder first thing in the morning and late at night when things are quiet. Upon searching the internet, you may come across a number of claims for products that will cure your tinnitus. An audiologist can provide a hearing assessment to determine if there is a problem with the ears and provide counseling to help you cope with the tinnitus.
Or at least it's quieter than it will be after a package of construction improvements aimed at improving traffic flow raises the average speed of vehicles along the highway, and keeps traffic whooshing by more audibly.
So householders adjacent to the stretch of Expressway where the bus lane will be extended between Slosson and Richmond avenues will be able to vote on whether they want noise-reducing barrier walls installed.
State Department of Transportation officials and project consultants presented the plans and answered questions tonight at a meeting at the Sea View headquarters of Community Board 2.
Residents were able to find their homes on a giant project map, and see the changes in noise levels that are forecast.
For the most part, the traffic is expected to be somewhere in the range of 70 decibels, akin to the sound of a 757 jet taking off from two miles away or a vacuum cleaner at a distance of 10 feet.
In some spots, the barriers are estimated to create a reduction in future noise levels by as much as 12 decibels. The majority of attendees tonight were residents of Lortel Avenue in Castleton Corners, who are nearly unanimous in their opposition to the barriers. One family on the lower end of the street near the Slosson off-ramp was in favor of the wall, Moheban said.
Ballots will be mailed to all the affected homes starting next week, and residents can vote whether they want the walls, and which of three styles they'd prefer.
Borough President James Molinaro cautioned those affected to resist making a snap decision and to consider their options carefully.
Once the improvements are complete, traffic is expected to move more freely, and vehicles will be going faster.
Anti-graffiti treatments will be used on the barriers, and ivy will be planted in the hopes that the walls eventually would be covered in greenery.
University of Illinois speech and hearing science professor Fatima Husain and her colleagues found that tinnitus, a condition in which a person hears a ringing sound despite the lack of an actual sound, is associated with emotional processing in a different part of the brain than in those without the condition. Tinnitus afflicts 50 million people in the United States, according to the American Tinnitus Association, and causes those with the condition to hear noises that aren't really there.
University of Illinois speech and hearing science professor Fatima Husain, who led the study, said previous studies showed that tinnitus is associated with increased stress, anxiety, irritability and depression, all of which are affiliated with the brain's emotional processing systems.
She decided to use functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) brain scans to better understand how tinnitus affects the brain's ability to process emotions. The tinnitus and normal-hearing groups responded more quickly to emotion-inducing sounds than to neutral sounds, while patients with hearing loss had a similar response time to each category of sound. Activity in the amygdala, a brain region associated with emotional processing, was lower in the tinnitus and hearing-loss patients than in people with normal hearing.
Because of the sheer number of people who suffer from tinnitus in the United States, a group that includes many combat veterans, Husain hopes her group's future research will be able to increase tinnitus patients' quality of life. People with 'neurotic' tendencies are more likely to be troubled by their tinnitus, a new study involving researchers at The University of Nottingham, has found. A research project, led by the University of Liverpool and Aintree University Hospital, is giving new hope to patients living with tinnitus.
In machine learning, a programmer might develop an AI that can calculate all possible consequences of a single action.
A team of scientists has identified the existence of a back-up plan for memory storage, which comes into play when the molecular mechanism of primary long-term memory storage fails. Children's brains are far more engaged by their mother's voice than by voices of women they do not know, a new study from the Stanford University School of Medicine has found. Cape Cod Hearing Center is now offering SoundCure™ Serenade® for sufferers of tinnitus. Cape Cod Hearing Center is dedicated to staying abreast of of new technological developments, and sharing them with the community. Tinnitus is a condition in which a person perceives sound that is not actually present in the environment.
Serenade is a complete, FDA cleared sound therapy solution based on acoustic research conducted by leading university researchers. The Serenade tinnitus treatment system consists of a handheld device, earphones, and proprietary, customized treatment sounds that research has suggested may address the underlying neurological cause of tinnitus. After a tinnitus evaluation, the Serenade device is programmed to play the sounds most likely to be effective for that individual.This approach may be used to seek immediate relief, as well as long term benefit when used as part of an ongoing tinnitus treatment program.
Originally developed at UC Irvine, S-Tones® are the foundation of the SoundCure Serenade technology. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Three very interesting encounters with some very unusual creatures have come to my attention recently from Pennsylvania.
On April 11, 2012, I received a call from the man who, along with his girlfriend, had a frightening encounter with a strange creature on November 20, 2011, outside of Troy in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
At about 11:05 pm that evening, they were driving onto Mud Creek Road traveling west towards Highway 14 near Troy.
At this point, the creature was in the left lane of the road and about 1-2 feet onto the pavement.

Once it realized it was being observed, it leaned back slightly and then reached forward with its claws.
This incident occurred on March 18, 2012, in the southern part of Fayette County in Pennsylvania. Flying above him at a distance of about 55 feet was a large flying creature that, “looked like a dragon”. The oddest physical feature that the witness mentioned to me was that the mouth and eyes were illuminated with, “a very ominous orange glow”. When his wife got up and they both heard the sound, she looked out the window across the road to a creek about 15-20 feet away. The couple noticed that whatever it was, the glowing eyes were staring directly in their direction.
A simple and effective definition proposed by Jastreboff states tinnitus is a phantom auditory perception. Epidemiological studies suggests approximately 50 million people in the United States have tinnitus and a quarter of those who suffer from tinnitus experience depression, loss of concentration, sleep problems and loss of enjoyment of life.
People who suffer from tinnitus and sound sensitivity issues have been told for many years there is nothing that can be done for their condition. Unfortunately, there are many claims on TV, on the internet, and in newspapers asserting to have a cure for tinnitus.
Although TRT was developed for the tinnitus sufferer, it has been found to be effective for the treatment and management for all sound sensitivity disorders.
KATS has recently added Neuromonics as a treatment device and treatment protocol option for people who suffer with tinnitus and sound sensitivity issues. What started as intermittent ringing in my ears became a constant distraction ruling my life.
Appointments are available by calling the phone number below, or by using our contact form. These phantom sounds are not speech, but rather whooshing noises, train whistles, cricket noises or whines.
These scans show the areas of the brain that are active in response to stimulation, based upon blood flow to those areas.
Each person was put in an fMRI machine and listened to a standardized set of 30 pleasant, 30 unpleasant and 30 emotionally neutral sounds (for example, a baby laughing, a woman screaming and a water bottle opening). Over all, the tinnitus group's reaction times were slower than the reaction times of those with normal hearing. Tinnitus patients also showed more activity than normal-hearing people in two other brain regions associated with emotion, the parahippocampus and the insula.
If we become sick after eating, we blame the food; however, if we then fall ill without having eaten that food, the causal link becomes ambiguous. Cape Cod Hearing Center is dedicated to staying abreast of new technological developments, and sharing them with the community. Simple to use and customized to each patient, Serenade’s digital signal processing system is based on the relationship between specific tonal algorithms and their effects. Research has shown that these sounds can produce synchronized activity in the part of the brain that processes sound – the auditory cortex.
The Keystone State has a long history of not only observations of Bigfoot, but also of many other mysterious beasts as well. As they continued down the dark road, their attention was drawn to the left side of the roadway. The man stated that even though he had his high beams directed at the creature, the eyes did not reflect at all. The man said that at this point the animal started to stand up on its back legs while also falling over onto its front feet. The driver told me that it looked directly at them, with a horrific expression, “like it was panicked”. The creature than took one tremendous leap and cleared a seven foot embankment and moved out of sight into a wooded area.
A large bird, possibly an owl, suddenly rushed at the passenger side window, almost hitting the glass, then took off and did not return.
As the flying creature passed over an automatic dusk to dawn light, the witness was able to get a good look at the strange flying animal. At the end tip of the wings there appeared to be talon-like fingers about 3 to 4 in number. As the creature flew over a tree at the bottom of the yard and moved off in the distance, the fellow heard a deep-throaty sound, similar to the fog horn on a boat. It is commonly referred to as “ringing in the ears.”  It has been described by sufferers as hissing, roaring, whooshing, chirping, music, clicking and whistling. However you chose to define it, it is a significant problem for a quarter of the people who experience it.
Historically, these people suffering with tinnitus have been told they have to “learn to live with it.” Not only is this untrue, but it enhances the feelings of hopelessness and fear by enhancing the belief that tinnitus is an incurable disease. During counseling sessions, you will be taught about the auditory system and other systems in the brain that are relevant to the source of tinnitus and to the origin of the suffering that sometimes accompanies it. Sound sensitivity issues sufferers can typically resume a life full of activity following the TRT treatment plan. Moheban, a Lortel resident who circulated a petition against the walls that garnered 39 signatures, nearly all of the homeowners on the block.

The participants pressed a button to categorize each sound as pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. Year after year members of the public reluctantly come forward to report their encounters with strange creatures that aren’t supposed to exist.
The man said he looked over the body during the 12 second encounter, and for some reason thought the creature should have wings, but none were apparent. The woman stated to me that it “shaped into another form.” She thought it was a dark brown color, and looked like a werewolf with a little back hair.
He was in the front yard and away from any lights when his attention was drawn to look upwards after hearing a whooshing sound coming from overhead. The body was about 22 feet long with a wingspan of about 18 feet wide, and looked to be shiny with almost a reflective body with no scales. The witness, intrigued by the odd noise, awakened his wife to see if she could recognize what type of animal it might originate from. Her husband questioned why there would be a deer standing in the creek, and why it be making such a strange noise.
He didn’t think that they were reflecting as a result of some street lights some distance away. Suddenly the creature took one step, and took off into the sky at a 45 degree angle and was gone. The instruction demystifies tinnitus relegating it to a neutral signal with about as much importance as the refrigerator running. Neuromonics has been proven to be between 80-90% effective in the treatment and management of tinnitus and sound sensitivity. With the help of Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) and a professional specializing in tinnitus treatment, the ringing is no longer noticeable. The residents of the higher section of Lortel say they don't hear the highway noise anyway. After conducting extensive interviews with the driver and his girlfriend I learned the following details. He had the feeling that the creature didn’t realize that it was being observed and when it realized it was- it was like it was caught doing something.
As it was in the process of leaping, it was perfectly straight and held its front claws forward. She estimated that when it was leaping into the woods, she thought it stood about 9 feet tall.
He then looked out the window and saw an undetermined creature dark brown in color and about the size of a deer. The witness commented that the freaky part was it was starring right at their house towards them.
TRT has been demonstrated to be 80% effective for habituation of reaction and perception of tinnitus. The second component, sound therapy, utilizes sounds to decrease the contrast between the tinnitus signal and the background neuronal activity. During your evaluation, it will be determined which treatment is most appropriate option for you. The driver decreased his speed, swerved his truck in the middle of the road and directed the high beams of his headlights towards the subject.
The witnesses observed that the front claws of the creature was now two feet across the center line of the highway, while the back feet remain one-two feet from the edge of the road.
The legs, as it was leaping, “were only slightly larger than broomsticks or about the size of a walking crane and were very long”.
There appeared to be a rear fin on both sides of its body, and the creature displayed at arrow head shaped tail. I never saw anything move that fast.” He also stated that he never saw a bird that big and that he saw no signs of wings flapping. Because our senses work not on the absolute value of a stimulus but on the difference between the stimulus and background, enhancement of the level of sound coming to the ears results in a decrease in the tinnitus-related signals reaching the brain. The man after the experience went onto the internet to try to figure out what he saw, and told me that the closest way he could describe the creature would be a gargoyle with no wings. The fellow said when it turned its head, it appeared to have an elongated face, almost deer shaped, but not as stubby in the snout.
Our goal is to facilitate habituation of both the tinnitus reaction and tinnitus perception. They soon realized that this was not a person, but instead a creature that was crawling very low to the ground. At the top of its head were two pointed bat-like ears that looked to be about 4-6 inches long. As they watched, the creature moved into a squatting position with its back completely straight, somewhat like the stance of a kangaroo. The entire creature, according to the man, was covered with “dull wrinkly dark black skin”.

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