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For some time I have been hearing my heart beats in my ears It is variously described as a heartbeat sound in your ear, the sound of someone. The sound of heartbeat in the ear may be caused by the swelling of the artery Why can I Hear my Heartbeat in my Ear? What would cause a muffled thumping sound in my left ear (almost like hearing a heart beat)? Jul 7, 2009 The noise, an incessant loud whooshing in his left ear, was driving Roger Luchs crazy -- literally by a ringing sound, less often by the pulsating noise Luchs heard.
If you hear a pulse-like noise in your ears, it may be pulsatile tinnitus people complain of a whooshing or thumping sound, often in sync with one's heartbeat. I also have a pulsating (heartbeat) sound in my right ear and have It feels exactly like you are wearing.

Tinnitus that has a pulsing sound (like hearing your heartbeat in your ear) What Causes Tinnitus?
Pulsatile tinnitus may sound like a whooshing, swooshing, screeching, creaking, It was in time with my heartbeat and sounded to me like a Doppler of a baby in utero.
Feb 12, 2010 Pulsatile (like a heartbeat) tinnitus is often caused by sounds created by muscle movements near the ear, changes in the ear canal, or blood  Q: I sometimes hear ringing in my ears, is this unusual?
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DEAR DOCTOR K: I can hear my heartbeat in my left ear We agreed that what you describe sounds like. As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more.

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