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Ear congestion is the clogging of the ear canal with mucus resulting in annoying pain in the ear and head region.
Warm water compress will give you relief from pain and at the same time the heat generated will draw out the liquid from the ear.
Clean the location with a cotton swab , do not rub the swab hardly as you are dealing with delicate part of your body and might end up causing injury to the ear drum.
If the ear congestion is due to allergies try and find out the foods that you are allergic to and avoid it for two to twelve months. Besides headaches, and ear pain, this leads to difficulty in hearing and can be a very irritating and complicated ear condition.
Steam inhalation has been known to be greatly helpful in the case of a cold and ear congestion. Fill a flask with boiling water and shove in a few mint leaves along with a table spoon of salt. Add one or two tsps of sunflower or olive oil to warm water or use directly and gargle away. A few drops of mustard oil mixed with Ginger paste added to the ear slowly have been shown to provide relief. Some people admit to getting a great relief from ear congestion after they had some jalapenos.
Ear plugs are mostly recommended by physicians for swimmers to reduce the possibility of having dirt particles stuck in the ear drum. A fresh towel from the dryer, a covered hot-water bottle, a heating pad with less heat can also help in easing the pain.
You can put 2 to 3 drops of white vinegar(distilled) into the ear to protect from swimmer’s ear.
By setting the temperature of a hair dryer warm we can easily take over control on the swimmer’s ear. You can purchase garlic oil from your nearest health-food stores, or you can also make your own.
These above remedies should be used properly to get the desired result and should be executed in the right manner.
The ear wax also act as deterrent against entry of other small micro-organisms as well as water into the ear canal. Under normal circumstances the ear wax is automatically removed from the body along with dirt particles. The ear wax gets pushed deep into the ear canal by use of objects like ear buds, pens, tissue corners etc, in the ears. You can also put warm water in the ears using a syringe and then tilt your head after a couple of minutes.
The material in this site is intended to be of general informational use and is not intended to constitute medical advice, probable diagnosis, or recommended treatments.
The most common symptoms are dizziness, ear pain, headache, ringing in the ears, temporary hearing loss, nausea, fever.
Lean over the bowl with face covered so that the steam does not escape out and you get maximum benefits.

Liquid leaks out of the blood vessels, making the mucous membranes lining the nose and throat to swell, and stimulating nearby glands to produce mucus.
Soak a towel in the warm water then remove the excess water and then keep it against the ear or under the jaw for fifteen to twenty minutes.
Rub through the sideways otherwise you might end up putting the ear wax further into the ear canal instead of cleaning it.
The most common allergic foods are wheat, dairy products, corn, soy, yeast, eggs etc.  If you are histamine intolerant then avoid food that are high in histamine  or release histamine such as avocados, cheeses, apricots, dates, figs alcohol, bananas, chocolate, eggs, fish, milk, papayas, shellfish and tomatoes etc .
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. You can try a few herbal remedies, but make sure if the problem persists you get to a doctor.
It is ideal to add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to 2 cups of hot water and breathe deeply.
The muscles of the throat work in a manner to remove the collected mucus.This is a simple exercise that can be done even in your drawing room while sitting down. All you have to do is eat a small slice of the tangy jalapeno and hear your ear pop after you blow on it. Swimmer’s ear is nothing but an infection in the external ear canal, which occurs from the eardrum to the outer surface of your head. There are many symptoms of a swimmer’s ear like pain in ear, noises in the ear, reducing listening power, etc. There are also so many causes for swimmer’s ear such as dirty water, sometime dirty water can deliver bacteria to the ear canal. So ear plugs can also help you to get rid of the swimmer’s ear fast even without home remedies. Continuous cleaning of the ear can also help in this type of infection, and it can prevent swimmer’s ear completely. However, one thing we should take into considers that never put your hair dryer close to the ear because it may cause some damage to the ear. The ear is a main part and a very critical part, so we have to maintain a very good care for our ear to protect from swimmer’s ear.
The ear wax is normally a thick, yellow and wax-like substance that is found in the ear canals of human beings.
They also have a sense of ringing in the ears accompanied with pain and feelings of dizziness. Stay in this position for 2-3 minutes and then tilt your head to the side of the ear to drain out the ear wax along with hydrogen peroxide.
Do not apply pressure while putting water in the ears or you may damage your ear drums permanently.
When this happens, pour 4 drops of baby oil into the affected ear and tilt your head to the other side. Remember to warm the oil before use since warm oil tends to travel faster into the ear canal and melts the hardened wax better. Every one of us have faced ear congestion in sometime of our life.Ear congestion is actually a symptom of some underlying ailment such as cold, allergies, bacterial infection or weakened immune system.

Certain home remedies can give relief from ear congestion in the initial stages but if the congestion continues after a week then better consult a doctor as it may lead to infection.
Analgesic properties gives relief from pain .Antiseptic properties prevents infection by inhibiting the growth of infectious agents. Analgesic properties gives relief from pain .Antibacterial properties inhibits the growth of bacteria thus preventing infection.
However, holy basil also is reported to have an ant fertility effect and intake should be avoided if a woman is trying to get pregnant. Whenever one has a bad cold and it goes untreated and the sinuses and the ear passage gets blocked or infected, the ears get congested.
This steam inhalation will allow the oil fumes to pass through the nostrils and enter the Eustachian tubes to decongest them.The eucalyptus oil is easily available at all chemist or vitamin stores easily. It may not clear up completely but combining a seedy jalapeno slice with other treatments may help the ear congestion. If the disease gets worse, you could notice a severe pain, discharge from the ear, fever, swelling around the ear, and decreased hearing.
Vinegar helps in killing those bacteria which create this infection and help in reducing of any germs in the ear. We just have to put three drops into the ear, and it will give a great relief and will help in overcoming from the infection of swimmer’s ear.
The purpose of the formation of ear wax is to provide safety to the ear canal from being infected by bacteria and fungi. Heat a cup of salt and wrap the same in a piece of cloth and then keep it against the ear, the heat generated will loosen the mucus thus beneficial for ear congestion. Garlic oil is available in many markets at a cheaper price, and this can overcome from the swimmer’s ear.
You can also put a few drops of oil on a sponge in the steam room the heat will allow the vapors to penetrate the atmosphere and provide respite from the agonizing condition.
Don’t burn yourself by shoving the face directly into the flask, let the steam escape slowly for maximum benefit.Do this exercise for about 15 minutes and repeat it just before you hit the shack.
Histamine is a natural chemical produced by the immune (disease-fighting) system of the body. The salt may irritate the skin because of its rough texture so never forget to wash the face after taking steam.
Both Onion and ginger has all the above mentioned properties required for relieving ear congestion.
It is a good expectorant in case you are suffering from cold and ear congestion is the result of the same.

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