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Understanding high blood pressure symptoms, signs and risk factors can alert you to the possibility that you have hypertension which is often a precursor to heart problems.
EARLY DETECTION IS CRITICAL:IF YOU HAVE TWO OR MORE OF THESE RISK FACTORS FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE CHECK YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE AND REVIEW POSSIBLE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE SYMPTOMS LISTED BELOW High blood pressure usually causes no symptoms until complications develop, this is why it is called the "silent killer". Katrina Rees-Evans RHN,HNC,BA is a practicing Holistic Nutritionist with over 23 years experience in the Natural Health Industry in Canada. According to a survey conducted by the American Heart Association, one in every four individuals suffers from high blood pressure. For the mild cases, there are several home remedies for high blood pressure which offer a good, quick fix. The question about how to control high blood pressure can be answered with reference to bananas. In addition, bananas also boost the levels of serotonin—a substances which calms you down and lifts your mood. Garlic contains hydrogen sulfide which can regulate the flow of blood through your arteries really well.
If you find it hard to eat raw garlic due to its repugnant taste, you can drink diluted garlic juice. Onion juice may not sound like a tempting beverage, but it is a great remedy for hypertension. Another remedy for hypertension involves creating a mixture with one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of the juice of ginger and two teaspoons of powdered cumin.

All of these tips will regulate your blood pressure effectively and will help you maintain the overall health of your heart as well as arteries. Hypertension or high blood pressure means that your heart is working harder to pump blood to all parts of your body, which can lead to many complications in your health, such as heart attacks, arterial thrombosis or renal disorders. There is no fixed age for hypertension, but older people to 30 years are more likely to suffer from them.
Signs of heart problems and hypertension symptoms are often overlooked by 30% of the population.
Brian Walsh from my affiliate, ProGrade Nutrition, on how to quickly reduce inflammation in your body. Common symptoms include headache, ringing in the ears, restlessness, nausea, vomiting and even a bleeding nose, in severe cases. However, if you are already on medication, you should always seek your doctor’s advice before trying these tips.
This sweet and soft fruit is full of potassium—a mineral which helps in the regulation of your blood pressure.
In this way, hypertension patients will be able to get rid of the restlessness and irritability which is often associated with this disease. If you do not like the idea of drinking the juice of onion, you can also eat this raw vegetable to consume its juice. This sweet substance relieves your heart from pressure, creates a smoothing effect on your arteries and, therefore, brings down your blood pressure.

Consume this mixture in the morning as well as at night every day in order to get rid of the painful symptoms of hypertension.
However, you must remember that the treatment of hypertension is not confined to home remedies.
Apnea is associated with loud snoring and restless sleep and can cause the individual to feel excessively sleepy during the day.
The disease can only be controlled if you make several lifestyle changes apart from the prescribed medication. Moreover, its sodium and cholesterol content is low which is really good for the overall health of your heart and arteries.
Those suffering from hypertension can reduce the symptoms of the disease to a great extent by using lemon juice regularly. The regular use of this mixture will start showing you positive results within a couple of weeks.
You may also replace your regular cooking oil with coconut oil in order to avail its benefits for the regulation of your blood flow. The above mentioned remedies will only work if you switch to a heart-friendly diet and go for exercise regularly.

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