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We use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. A leading scientist has declared homeopathy a "therapeutic dead-end" after a systematic review concluded the controversial treatment was no more effective than placebo drugs. Professor Paul Glasziou, a leading academic in evidence based medicine at Bond University, was the chair of a working party by the National Health and Medical Research Council which was tasked with reviewing the evidence of 176 trials of homeopathy to establish if the treatment is valid. A total of 57 systematic reviews, containing the 176 individual studies, focused on 68 different health conditions - and found there to be no evidence homeopathy was more effective than placebo on any.
Health experts have created a new online tool which can predict a person’s risk of developing a common form of skin cancer. A new treatment for multiple sclerosis (MS) has enabled some patients to walk again by “rebooting” their immune systems. Dementia patients experience a ‘shocking’ variation in the quality of hospital care they receive across England, a charity has warned.
Drinking more than one glass of wine or pint of beer a day increases the risk of developing cancer, according to medical experts.
Vaping could be “no better” than smoking regular cigarettes and may be linked to cancer, scientists have found. A teenager was hospitalised and left unable to move after she developed the rare rat-bite fever disease from her pet rodents which lived in her bedroom. Taking antidepressants during pregnancy could almost double the risk of a child being diagnosed with autism in the first years of life, a major study of nearly 150,000 pregnancies has suggested.
Parents have been warned that giving children paracetamol-based medicines such as Calpol and Disprol too often could lead to serious health issues later in life.
Less than half a teaspoon of fat is all that it takes to turn someone into a type-2 diabetic according to a study that could overturn conventional wisdom on a disease affecting nearly 3 million people in Britain.
Scientists have found people who eat large amounts of white vegetables were a third less likely to contract stomach cancer. Scientists have pinpointed how connections in the brain are destroyed in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, in a study which it is hoped will help in the development of treatments for the debilitating condition.
The Government should introduce a sugar tax to prevent an “obesity crisis” from crippling the NHS, a senior Conservative MP and former health minister has said. A potentially “phenomenal” scientific breakthrough has offered fresh hope to cancer patients rendered infertile by chemotherapy.
An interactive test could help flag up whether you should seek advice from a health professional for one of the most common types of cancer.
The technology lets paralysed people feel actual sensations when touching objects — including light taps on the mechanical finger — and could be a huge breakthrough for prosthetics, according to its makers.
Unhealthy eating has been named as the most common cause of premature death around the globe, new data has revealed.
Scientists believe it could be used to predict a person’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease as well as the “youthfulness” of donated organs for transplant operations.

The latest therapies that fight cancer could work better when combined with aspirin, research has suggested. Writing in a blog for the British Medical Journal, Professor Glasziou states: “As chair of the working party which produced the report I was simply relieved that the arduous journey of sifting and synthesising the evidence was at an end. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Like acupuncture in China, herbal medicine has been alive and well as an ancient form of medicine from the smallest rural villages to the largest cities for thousands of years. At Middle Path Acupuncture I understand that, in this modern society, we need natural medicine now more than ever. Unlike those of pharmaceutical drugs, side effects from properly prescribed herbal medicine are very rare. My diagnosis and treatment with Chinese medicine does not seek to just treat or cover up symptoms, but rather identify the root causes of the imbalance in a patient’s body that is causing the symptoms to appear and address them all. Herbal medicine encompasses everything from roots, leaves and vines to minerals, mushrooms, seashells and fruits.
Instead of taking a teaspoon of Peruvian bark, take a diluted a€“ and shaken a€“ form of it instead.The single remedy. Homeopathy alternative medicine health is incredibly effective and works fast a€“ sometimes as soon as you put it in your mouth. Your body never becomes dependent upon homeopathic medicine the way it could on regular drugs. While there are many who are frankly skeptical to not downright dismissive of homeopathy in the United States, the discipline appears to have rather more credibility in Europe and other parts of the world. Studies have been able to demonstrate that people who seek homeopathic treatment tend to be considerably more educated than those who don’t. 75% of Europeans know about homeopathy and nearly 30% of the population use homeopathy as part of their own health care. In France 16% of the population used homeopathy in 1982 which has grown to an amazing 62% in the year 2004. In a pharmacist survey it was found in 2004, as many as 94% advised pregnant women to use homeopathy.
In India as many as 82% of homeopathy users will not choose to switch to conventional medications.
In Germany all medical school curriculum include information about natural medicines by government mandate. According to the NHS: “Practitioners believe that the more a substance is diluted in this way, the greater its power to treat symptoms. The tool uses the results of a 10-question-quiz to estimate the chance of a person aged 40 or over of having non-melanoma skin cancers within three years. As part of a clinical trial at Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire Hospital involving around 20 patients, scientists used stem cells to carry out a bone marrow transplant.

New guidelines for alcohol consumption by the UK published by chief medical officers warn that drinking any level of alcohol has been linked to a range of different cancers. The study which showed that vapour from e-cigarettes can damage or kill human cells was publsihed as the devices are to be rolled out by UK public health officials as an aid to quit smoking from 2016. The teenager, who has not been named, was taken to hospital after she complained of a pain in her right hip and lower back which later made her immobile, according to the online medical journal BMJ Case Reports. Leading paediatrician and professor of general paediatrics at University College London, Alastair Sutcliffe, said parents were overusing paracetamol to treat mild fevers. At the early stages of the development of Alzheimer’s disease the synapses – which connect the neurons in the brain – are destroyed, according to researchers at the University of New South Wales, Australia. For the first time, researchers managed to restore ovaries in mice affected by chemotherapy so that they were able to have offspring. The test is available on the NHS Choices website and reveals whether you are at risk from the disease and recommends if you should seek help. Today, herbs in China are still harvested at specific times of year, dried and sliced according to tradition. However we tend to be so busy that boiling herbs for 1-2 hours on the stovetop everyday is not always possible.
At Middle Path Acupuncture, I do not support or use any herbal products made from any endangered species or inhumanely collected from animal sources.
She suffered for two weeks with an intermittent fever, nausea and vomiting and had a pink rash on her hands and feet. The mole self-assessment factors in elements such as complexion, the number of times you have been severely sunburnt and whether skin cancer runs in your family. An herbalist mixes a number of these herbs into a specific prescription based on a patient’s diagnosis, and the patient then decocts the herbs (boils them to extract the medicinal ingredients) into a tea. Modern processing of herbal medicine into concentrated tablets and powders has undergone its own stages of refinement. I only carry herbal concentrate powders and pills that have undergone thorough third party testing for guaranteed safety, purity and potency.
The teenager, who had numerous pets including a dog, cat, horse and three pet rats, has since made a full recovery after undergoing a course of antibiotics.
We can now get the benefits of potent herbal medicine with the convenience of being able to carry a bottle of herbal pills with us or keep them on the shelf with our vitamins. Blood tests showed that she was infected with for streptobacillus moniliformis – the most common cause of rat-bite fever.

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