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Below are steps on when to wear hoop earringsStep 1: You can wear hoop earrings to a party. If you prefer minimalistic, rustic style of jewelry, you can't find better earrings for everyday wear! The lady wore a black and white dress with a high waisted big black belt that matches with the dress. Do not wear those big hoop earrings to work because they look casual, and not suitable for a workplace.

You can wear a black pencil skirt with a purple top, then wear silver medium size hoop earrings and black high heels with a silver necklace.
Simply go for a simple gair style that does not drape down to your shoulders,so that your hoop earrings can make a statement while on dinner with your date. Look at the chick in the photo below, i like her big hoop earrings well matched with her hair style. So these hoop earrings will look good on you because they will easily make a statement with short hair.

Simply wear your dress and ballet flats then wear a belt over your dress, then wear your hoop earrings.

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