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We are so happy to move on from that very expensive month of our lives.  Thanks for listening.
Some posts include links to sponsors or affiliates, which give me a small percentage of the sale. Late in 2009 I decided I wanted to build a new long range varmint rifle for the 2010 season. I immediately started to shop the AccurateShooter Forum classifieds for components for this build.
I also purchased a Jewell trigger, BAT trigger guard, BAT rings and base, and a Graco recoil reducer (I hate recoil).
Then came the chore of finding a gunsmith that could do the work in a reasonable time frame. Bruce had some Winchester-brand brass available and he loaded some rounds that worked well for his test firing. Another thing I soon learned, Robert was quite accurate in his choice of powder; Hodgdon 4831sc.
Once I switched to domestic brass, and focused on the Berger 108s pushed by H4831sc, the gun demonstrated excellent accuracy. I would like to give a special thanks to Bruce Griehm (aka ‘Preacher’) for all the work he did putting this rifle together for me. The Super LR has sufficient case capacity to shoot the 115gr 6mm bullets in the 2950 – 3000 fps range without being “on the edge” of maximum pressure.
If you already have a 6XC Redding Comp Seater for the 6XC, you can use that for bullet seating, but you may have to re-adjust the die position due to differences in neck length and throat position. The first testing done with the rifle was with H4831SC powder, and a load of 43.5 grains seemed very accurate at 100 yards with the DTAC 115s. You are not obligated to use these links when you make a purchase, but when you do so it helps to support this site, so thank you! As I usually do, I looked for the best components that I thought would make this a real shooter.
When I received the rifle from Bruce I prepped some Remington brass I had purchased then weight-sorted them.
When I was first trying the 87gr V-Max I thought maybe the IMR 4831 would deliver a little more ‘poop’ to the load. It was kind of ironic that I purchased the stock from him initially then ended up sending it back to him for the build. AR-X Enterprises, sells Redding Type S Bushing Full-Length Sizer dies, and Redding Comp Seater dies. The chamber throating is set up to be appropriate for the big 6mm high-BC 115gr bullets, but it also works well with a variety of 6mm bullets from 80-grainers on up, including bullets in the 100gr – 108gr range.

Just take domestic .243 Winchester brass, and lube the cases (particularly the neck and shoulder) with a lube like Hornady One Shot spray, and run them in and out of a 6mm Super LR full length sizing die, and that’s it – your brass is made!
First off, it’s easy to reform these brands to the 6mm Super LR case (just run the cases through the full length sizing die, and that’s it, no neck turning or initial trimming necessary).
Initial testing immediately showed promise, both in terms of velocity and accuracy with the 6mm Super LR. When this load was chronographed, the muzzle velocity of the 115 DTACs was right around 3000 fps (right in the target velocity range).
There you’ll find more load tuning info, multiple reamer prints, and tips for bullet seating with various freebore lengths.
This handsome rifle features a BAT SV action in a laminated walnut LowRider stock from Richard Franklin.
There are many good barrel-makers, but it is hard to go wrong with a Bartlein cut-rifled barrel. You should measure the H20 capacity of your own cases after forming and full-length sizing. When the reamer came I sent all the components to Bruce and in no time it seemed like he had the build complete. With the thinner shoulder-walls in the Remington brass, it is much easier to create the longer neck and 30° shoulder. Also thanks to Robert Whitley for all the work he put in to developing this cartridge and especially the many hours Robert devoted to load development. The objective was not looking for blistering speed, just a good solid 2950 – 3000 fps with the 115gr bullets without having to run the cartridge hard, and the Super LR was clearly up to that. Note: The pressure and velocity numbers are only a software projection, and this chart does not guarantee that a similar load is appropriate in your gun. I had sent him some rounds for test firing that had been formed and loaded based on Whitley’s writeup except for the fact that I used LAPUA brass.
This was my first experience using something other than Lapua or Norma brass in a long, long time.
I am NOT one of the ‘gifted’ shooters who appear so often on this site, so the hard work from these guys is deeply appreciated.
With the 105-108 grain 6mm bullets, the 6mm Super LR can push them up in the 3150-3200 fps range with the right powders. Since factory 6mm Super LR sizing dies are available, the best option is to purchase and use them.
Finally, with some basic weight-sorting of the brass, and the culling out of an oddball case here and there, it’s easy to wind up with batches of brass that exhibit very high quality and consistency.
I really liked the idea of having the additional case neck length that was provided by the 6mm Rem AI that would help in providing a greater selection in bullets.

After some real serious bargaining (think I knocked $.05 off the asking price) J I made the purchase from Bruce.
After the sorting process, I was pleasantly surprised with the Remington performance (for the first go-around of shooting). So, this gun was built with a Harrell’s Muzzle Brake, Graco internal Recoil Reducer, AND a Limbsaver recoil pad. In addition, if you like to shoot the 105-108 grain bullets close to the lands, or engaging the lands, the Super LR cartridge case neck is long enough to give most of them a good bearing surface purchase, even if the chamber is throated for the 115gr bullets.
For load data, one can use accuracy loads already developed for the .243 Winchester as the capacity of the cases is very close.
The Super LR has about 54 grains of H20 capacity, compared to 55 grains for the .243 Win and 49 grains H20 for the 6XC. This really helps make the 6mm Super LR easy to work with, because there is a lot of good load data out there for the .243 Winchester. You can throat a 6mm Super LR to position long-shank 115gr DTACS above the neck-shoulder junction, and you still have enough neck to seat 90gr to 108gr bullets into the lands. The remaining items followed shortly thereafter including a Nightforce NSX 12-42x56mm scope that I got at a great price. They are shorter than the previous 100-grainers and should work well with my .120 free-bore.
With my new 6mm Super LR, I can see bullet impact — something important when varminting at long range. For safety’s sake, always start low and work up gradually, and refer to the published loads of the manufacturer of your preferred powder. Barry’s 6mm Super LR can launch heavy 6mm bullets at 2950-3050 fps, with no pressure issues. Additionally, pressure levels can change with different powder lots, different primers, and different COAL.
That makes the 6mm Super LR an appealing choice for match shooters and tactical competitors as well as varminters. IMHO, I believe that scopes with that much magnification are better suited for Benchrest matches.

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