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I have a lot of earrings and wanted to have an easy way to store the ones I use the most so I can have quick access to them when I get ready in the morning.
Step 1: Remove the glass and any metal clips from the frame and drill holes around the frame, evenly spaced out (I painted my frame with gold metallic paint before drilling). Step 4: Fish the ball chain through the top corners of the plastic mesh canvas for hanging. I hung my earring organizer on the towel rod in my small bathroom and use hooks for my towels instead – works for me! I entered your website as I was searching cartilage jewelry and I admit that I am hugely fortunate for doing so.

Step 6: I hung my earring organizer on the towel rod in my small bathroom and use hooks for my towels instead – works for me!
Hi Molly, great earrings I would imagine that the edges of the copper tube as well as the earring posts will be quite sharp (where they have been trimmed).
Is there any reason they couldn’t be made with bare copper wire stripped from electric wiring?
Turn the strip over and use the eyelet setting tool to hammer and flange out the back part of the eyelet. Open up some jump rings and attach them and a clasp and the basic leather strip bracelet is done!  You can also add all kinds of embellishments if you don't want it to be plain.

So I came up with this idea for a really simple and inexpensive DIY earring organizer that can hang from a towel rod or rail.
You can use this jewelry organizer with any towel rod, or towel rail and place it anywhere, like on a closet door, or a wall. It’s perfect for small bathrooms that don’t have a lot of counter space, and best of all, it only takes minutes to make and only costs a few dollars in materials!

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