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In your case, if the buzzing noise is to the point that it is bothering, then that's perfectly legit to request an RMA replacement. Dont do that, psu's can hold their power for hours after its been unplugged and is very dangerous! It appears that everytime I turn on PC (usually after turning off the power from the mains the night before) the PSU starts this annoying buzzing sound that starts quiet and gets louder.

Thanks for the input, I have been wondering whether this was worth doing (mainly due to me having to lose access to my PC for 2 weeks). The PSU appears to be working fine in regards to performance, no BSODs or anything to make me think it isn't performing optimally. What is quite peculiar is that if I press against the middle of the PSUs grill (just to the right of where the power cable goes in) the buzzing sound stops immediately. Its very informative and will probably clear up some confusion on what really causes your PSU to buzz, or so called coil whine.

I have had a look and I don't think that the PSU I bought (CMPSU-750TXV2WW) is being sold by Corsair anymore (in the UK at least), is this a problem?
When I load up a game or start a benchmarking program, the buzzing sound stops fairly quickly.

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