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Next, I pulled the screen across the back of the frame and used the staple gun to put in the first staple. Enter your email address to subscribe to the Chickster blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 4.  Predrill holes through the ends of the sticks where the drywall screws will go to attach these to the wall. 5.  I didn’t bother priming it I just sprayed a coat of paint on them with my paint sprayer. 7.  Once all the cup hooks are screwed in use a level to hang them where you want them to go using a drill. Don’t have any hidden wall space?  Check out this jewelry organizer that looks more like a piece of art than a place for your baubles.
Great idea, particularly like it for the kitchen for organising measuring spoons etc, thanks for sharing. Hola es la primera vez que le escribo pero me gustan mucho sus ideas son excelentes y esta en cuanto la vi me encanto voy agregarla en mis pendientes y seguro que la hago ya hasta estoy pensando en pasarle la idea a mi hija que tambien como usted tiene muchisimas, gracias por compartir, hasta pronto. Also I am likely moving in a few months, and don’t want something that will require a lot of labor or be difficult to remove and transport. Not because of my earlier inspiration from these fabulous  DIY ideas using old or vintage jewelry, but because my jewelry is slowly creeping into all areas of my bedroom.
No, they had spread, so, in desperation, I began looking for anything laying around the house, which needed a job. This tea light candle holder definitely gave new purpose to caring for all my silver bangles and drop earrings. And yes, in pathetic desperation, I pounded two nails into my bathroom wall, because in all honesty, no one sees this poorly outdated 90’s wallpapered wall except for my family.
My Frugal Fashionista mindset is to purchase second hand designer clothing items, but then transform those outfits with some fun statement piece accessories. I love how Kellie showed me such a great solution by just gathering all your lovelies into hurricane lamps.

A few weeks ago, my dear friend IRL, Angela, had me over to practice our music for Becoming. She painted it, distressed it, hung a thrifted mirror on the barn door, and then hung a variety of cabinet pulls that she had collected. Yes, it’s kind of odd that I have two dear IRL friends, both named Angela, and both of whom I am sharing their jewelry organizers, but this Angela, from Button Bird designs,  decided to conquer her jewelry challenge by hanging peg board in her closet.
36th Avenue has the same idea – a peg board with a place for everything, but this took more time to frame it out beautifully, and accent it with a variety of special touches. This is an amazing repurposed job, where she took a $15 old set tray found at an antique store, and brought it to a whole new level of fabulousness.
My friend, Brittany, was inspired by some branches, and I love the natural element it brings to her room.
Liz Marie did a simplified version of my friend, Angela’s by just using just hardware pulls. I like using those wooden peg coat racks (I think there is a better name for them but I can’t think of it) Anyways those boards with long wooden pegs coming out of them. My jewelry box is a bit of a tangled mess that often ends with me wearing the same pair of earrings practically every day or forgoing them all together, which isn’t ideal when there are just so many fun earrings out there. It was pretty easy to cut it with scissors, but if you have a pet or an often-barefooted roommate, be mindful that the screen left behind some small metal pieces that could be painful to step on.
Then I moved to the opposite side and put in another staple and continued that pattern until it was stapled all the way around. I have two full lines of the Styled by Tori Spelling collection and I needed inspiration on how to store it all!
I know all that drilling took some time, but the way you have everything displayed is really the best way.
I love how you used your space to your advantage, the bright yellow color, and the added secret touch ?? I’m curious, if you don’t mind me asking, did you find the hooks to be relatively inexpensive? I have been using a hanger to put all my necklaces on, need to head to the hardware store and get to making this ?? That yellow is an amazing color.

I glue-gunned cork flooring tiles onto some spare wall, stuck in some thumb tacks, and hung up all my hook earrings. It was a dated candle holder that was on its way to Goodwill, but thought my earrings could love on it for a bit. You can buy cheap rings at the dollar store if you don’t have any on hand, and check out how Sarahdipities used an old rake to hand her darlings. We were back in her bedroom around the computer, and I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw what she had done with a corner of her bedroom.
They are plastic and each compartment has a snap-shut cover, so it keeps them contained and keeps the dust out. I just became a Premier Designs Jewelry lady, and have never had so much jewelry in my life! If I had it to do over again, I would probably staple the screen to the back of the frame rather than the inside lip of the frame (where the glass would press against if the frame had glass) because I think I would have been able to pull the screen tighter that way.
Some little s hooks from the hardware store will make it work for necklaces and hoop earrings.
I can’t take the jumbled mess all my lovely necklaces are in, and anyday I choose to wear one I have to very carefully unjumble the one I want!
But now, I need to get them more closely confined into one spot, so they don’t take up my whole dresser, and the remaining ideas do just that.
Also, the staples ended up coming through a little on that inside lip so you can see them from the front. So I went to my local Lowe’s and asked for some 5 gallon paint sticks to create some hanging organization in my linen closet.

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