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And in case I actually have an infection on my pierced lip, how do I clean, heal, treat or get rid of it quickly? However, many people end up with infected piercings, which if ignored, could have serious consequences that might include scarring, swellings, pain among others. Due to the close proximity of a lip piercing to your mouth, this type of a piercing is much more prone to infections especially for people who do not keep good oral hygiene. If ignore, the infection can easily spread to other parts of the mouth including gums and teeth. This therefore calls for immediate treatment of any lip piercing infection, irrespective of how small it might appear to be.
Fever, chills and soreness The area around the piercing might be crusty These are not the only sings of an infected lip piercing to watch for. Infected lip piercing pictures, photos and images To easily help you picture out how a pierced lip will look like when infected, below are some images, pictures or photos.
These should serve as an indicator or extra signs to look at on your piercing when it is infected.
Red bump on a piercing Infection inside the mouth How to treat an infected lip piercing, how to heal or treatments Although treating an infected lip piercing is easy, it can take a long time to get completely healed. Being near your mouth, it is certain that this is one area you do not want to be infected since it might make eating cumbersome depending on the location of your lip piercing. So how do you treat an infected lip piercing or what are some of the good infected lip piercing treatment? Do not spin or take out aninfected lip ring since you might develop abscess as the infection gets trapped in the pierced hole. Avoid any antibiotic ointments unless advised so by your physician since they often entrench dirt into the piercing slowing healing time.

Although they might not have a direct effect, spicy foods should be avoided since they can cause irritations. Using an antibacterial mouthwash that is alcohol-free, clean the area around your piercing twice a day. Finally keep your lip jewelry very clean all the times as this will enhance the healing speed after it has been infected. When to see a doctor If there is not improvement after trying all we have discussed in this article, you need to see a doctor for further treatment. One piercing is done in the groove just above the top lip and the other just below the center of the bottom lip. Before we look at some signs, treatments including a case when you have a bump, let us first look at the causes of these infections. My cartilage piercing is infected, what caused it?ContentsMy cartilage piercing is infected, what caused it?1. Poor personal hygiene and aftercareSigns of infected cartilage piercingHow to treat an infected cartilage piercing, heal, fix, what to do, treatments1. Lemon JuiceHow to clean an infected cartilage piercing, care Infected cartilage ear piercing Infections on any body piercings often come as a result that related to the piercing process and care given to the piercing. Poor and unhygienic procedures The first and most common cause of infections is the use of unsterilized equipment and poor procedures i.e.
Inexpensive and wrong jewelry Secondly, some people suffer from allergic reaction that often lead to more serious infection due to the use of wrong jewelry. Poor personal hygiene and aftercare A third cause of infected pierced ear cartilage is poor personal hygiene during the healing process or even years after. Damaged and swollen cartilage Furthermore, tie your hair nicely to ensure it does not touch your piercing for the first few days after you have been pierced and do not let other people touch your piercing either.

Over cleaning of the piercing Avoid using a piercing gun as it distorts your cartilage and increase changes of you getting a bump behind your year.
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If it persists for more than 24 hours, see your healthcare professional for further advice. I can stillpush my piercing back and forth, It doesnt hurt, burn, sting, or even look red, so its possible i could still be at the first stages. Should do this from piercing day to the 3-6 month mark in order to make sure it’s clean. Consider seeing your doctor for topical antibiotic ointment while you continue taking your antibiotics until you complete your dose. I mean it still hurt if I put pressure on it but if I didn’t touch it roughly it was fine.
It’s just a sharp pain in my ear and while I was cleaning it I noticed the pain was coming from the back of my top piercing and not the bottom.
Is it also compulsory I mix the tea tree oil with distilled warm water or I can use it without dilution.

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