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The reality star has launched a new collection from her jewelry line and, of course, what better occasion than that to speak of her own love of bling. Given the size of the sparkler on her engagement finger, the one she got when Kris Humphries, now her husband, proposed to her, it’s safe to say that Kim loves diamonds. However, when she hits the gym or is getting ready for bed, she makes sure she takes off the massive diamond ring she got from Kris.
Since she loves jewelry so much, getting the chance to design her own line means a lot to her: she loves working with her sisters on most of her projects, but this one is hers alone. The Belle Noel collection, created in collaboration with designer Pascal Mouawad, has now reached its third season. As Mazal's Creative Director I would be honored to share my passion and experience with you. If you originally wore your engagement ring on your left ring finger, then switched it to the right ring finger for the wedding ceremony, you may decide to keep the rings in this position and wear them each on a different hand.  If the rings each have a distinct style, they may look better farther from each other, or if you find too many rings on one finger uncomfortable, this is a good option to choose.
However you decide to wear your rings, they will always stand as eternal symbols of the strength of the bond between you and your spouse.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For nearly two decades Genesis Diamonds' owner, Boaz Ramon, was the supplier, advisor and authority to more than 700 jewelry stores in the United States. Receive peace of mind knowing your diamond is certified from the top two Gemological Institutions in the world. Now that you are married and have both your engagement ring and your wedding band, the real question is, how do you wear them? The first option is to wear them on the traditional ring finger, on your left hand, in the order your received them in.
Keeping with tradition, you can wear both rings on the left hand on the ring finger, but with the engagement ring on top.

Another option, though less traditional, is to wear the engagement ring on one ring finger on the left hand and the wedding band on the right hand’s ring finger. Though both rings are intended to be worn, and most women do, some choose not to wear both of them at the same time.
Though there may be an “official” way of wearing your rings, this is the 21st Century and there should be no “right” way. Kim Kardashian is the first to recognize the value of her engagement ring, which is why she makes sure she doesn’t wear it at all times, as she reveals in a recent interview.
I think more is more when it comes to fun accessories,” she says in an interview cited by People. If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city.
This way is good for those with short fingers, who don’t like having so many rings on one finger.
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This is a traditional way of wearing the rings, but may not work with all ring styles or finger types. Also, some women do not have a wedding ring set that matches (most likely because their husband wasn't thinking about that), and so, the wedding band may not look good with the engagement ring.
Another reason could be because two rings are too much for some women and wearing one at a time is simpler. After all, beautiful rings such as Kirk Kara or Michael B rings would look good on anyone, regardless of which finger they are on! Cray quinoa meh, readymade mixtape biodiesel tote bag pop-up bespoke fingerstache salvia skateboard.
Similarly, the ring may be so stunning that it is needed to be displayed on its own without distraction.
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