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Purpose of centrifugal pump casing wear ring and impeller wear ringWear rings can be defined as a device used to seal the pressure leakage of the liquid between the inlet of the impeller and the pump casing.
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For nearly two decades Genesis Diamonds' owner, Boaz Ramon, was the supplier, advisor and authority to more than 700 jewelry stores in the United States. Receive peace of mind knowing your diamond is certified from the top two Gemological Institutions in the world. Now that you are married and have both your engagement ring and your wedding band, the real question is, how do you wear them? The first option is to wear them on the traditional ring finger, on your left hand, in the order your received them in. Keeping with tradition, you can wear both rings on the left hand on the ring finger, but with the engagement ring on top.

Another option, though less traditional, is to wear the engagement ring on one ring finger on the left hand and the wedding band on the right hand’s ring finger. Though both rings are intended to be worn, and most women do, some choose not to wear both of them at the same time. Though there may be an “official” way of wearing your rings, this is the 21st Century and there should be no “right” way.
This way is good for those with short fingers, who don’t like having so many rings on one finger.
A similar device that serves the same function called a wear plate can be found on some pumps with a semi-open impeller.The typical reason for using a wear ring is to decrease the amount of leakage loss around the impeller.
This is a traditional way of wearing the rings, but may not work with all ring styles or finger types.
Also, some women do not have a wedding ring set that matches (most likely because their husband wasn't thinking about that), and so, the wedding band may not look good with the engagement ring.

Another reason could be because two rings are too much for some women and wearing one at a time is simpler.
After all, beautiful rings such as Kirk Kara or Michael B rings would look good on anyone, regardless of which finger they are on!
Similarly, the ring may be so stunning that it is needed to be displayed on its own without distraction.

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