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I used some clear plastic eggs I got from Oriental Trading and placed 3 different size things inside each. These children choose an egg out of the basket and count the number of dots pre-programmed on the plastic egg. Another math activity - on the left ear is a strip preprogrammed with dots (it;s hard to see with glare) and on right ear is a strip preprogrammed with numerals. When completely dry the tissue paper will just flake off and the color from the paper will be transferred to the egg.
If you have little kids and the thought of the mess of coloring easter eggs makes you cringe, try this. After doing the story several times, it's fun to let the kids take turns telling it themselves to the rest.  Gives them some self confidence without them even knowing it! Whether your theme is poetry, gardens, spring, or rabbits, this little poem is right in step! All these eggs need to be backed with white flannel so there is a color on one side and white on the other.
Once upon a time the Easter Bunny woke up on Easter morning and he had forgotten to dye the eggs.
Before sharing this story with the children, read the following dialogue aloud, so they learn the actions which correspond with the words. Once upon a time there was a fluffy little bunny who lived in a safe burrow deep under the roots of a great old tree on the edge of the forest. Give each child a donut, small cup of frosting, coconut (most won't eat coconut) jelly Bird Eggs, pipe cleaner (cut in half for handle) and a small plastic knife. Collect eggs (for example, from Pantyhose or plastic Easter eggs) and place inside them items, such as pebbles, spool of thread, paper clips, etc. Extend this activity using more eggs or by having the children pair eggs that seem to weigh the same, and then, have them actually weigh them. Once upon a time there was a little white rabbit with two beautiful pink ears and two bright red eyes and four soft little feet but he was not happy. When the popping is done put some in the cups or the children to eat and glue some to the right hand side of the poster.

The child takes one egg half and matches it to the other egg half, twisting it to match  the number of dots that it corresponds to.
Each teacher got a bag full of jellybeans and each student got the above data sheet and crayons. The children pull the strips up and down to match the number os dots to the correct number. Each colored basket has the color word written on it - the eggs are all white programmed with a color word. During the winter months when plants are less plentiful, the animals eat twigs, bark, and fruits of trees and bushes. Mix sweetened condensed milk (like Eagle Brand) with food coloring to create several colors of "paint". Be sure to demonstrate the actions, then give the children the chance to practice them before the story begins.
The fluffy little bunny had a pink nose, a cottontail, brown eyes, and long, tall ears that could hear any sound for miles around.
They made the Calvary scene by finger painting yellow and red paints on construction paper.
The children then glued two rectangles together to make a cross and covered contact paper with transparent sticker dots. Place 5-10 drops of food coloring in different spots on the filter ( all one color or many colors) put a SLIGHTLY damp hard-boiled egg in center of filter. Next get the children to tear up tissue paper and apply this in lots of layers till it is looking good with a glue that dries clear like PVA and let dry. One day when the bunny was bounding through the forest with his little cottontail bobbing along behind him, he came upon a bubbling brook. Include students in preparations for the brunch by having them sponge-print napkins and construction paper placemats with bunny designs. Wrap the egg up in the filter and foil by taking it from the bottom and wrapping the foil around the egg. He stopped and perked up his long, tall ears to listen for any sounds that might tell him of danger.

Boil some more eggs and using flashlight, spin and roll try to find which eggs are hard boiled and which are raw. The children count out the objects to fill the eggs, matching the number of items with the number on the egg. Have a youngster select a pattern card, then extend the pattern by placing plastic eggs in an egg carton. To incorporate math, put a math problem on the egg, such as 2 + 3, the children put the number of items in the egg that represent the answer.
Apply another light layer of starch or glue on top of the thread and wrap with another layer of crochet thread in another direction. With this knowledge we were able to make a more in formed guess for the egg holding the jellybeans and chick. Vegetarian sandwiches-made with softened cream cheese and whole wheat bread--cut into bunny shapes with a cookie cutter can also be served. This makes a great room display and is a fun stimulus for your little bunnies to identify their names and colors. If you want you can color rice krispies treats green and just sprinkle them in the basket instead of coconut for the grass.
If you're not up to making your own, purchase carrot juice at a supermarket or health food store--or substitute any orange-colored beverage. The other great part is you can re-use the filter to color several eggs before having to add more food coloring- or start with one color and add a new color to the filter in between coloring each egg.
Again he stopped and perked up his long, tall ears to listen for any sound that might tell him of danger. She had a pink nose, a cottontail, soft, brown eyes and long, tall ears that could hear for miles around.

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