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Whirlpool dishwasher making loud humming noise - Comments for help -- my frigidaire fridge is making a loud popping noise.
The snow is falling again, drifting against the round window of the silent hobbit home. Hobbits are truly amazing creatures, you think you know everything about them and they never cease to surprise you.
It just dawned to me that I am not in my house, this is not my fireplace, yet this place looks and feels  very familiar.

In the end it was getting very late and so I decided twas time to go home across the stream.
Snow falling suddenly in the middle of the night its filling my heart with quietness and peace. The handwriting is wobboly and funny, almost childish, there are little doodles of flowers and hearts next to the words, and a simple drawing of a hobbit lass holding a  mirror and smiling.
A pure and shimmering white mantle covers the fields and the hills, all is so still, so quiet.

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