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It’s just that when a blog idea hits, sometimes an obnoxious line comes with it and the only way to get rid of it is to share it with all of you.  After all, we’re all in the MS cluster together aren’t we?
I have mentioned my weird ear noises before and have even tried to come up with causes for them. But like with many things MS, the weird ear sounds have gone away, come back, changed, gotten worse, gotten better and overall, bug the heck out of me. Then the noises changed again.  Now they sound like microwave popcorn popping in my ear, which would be great if I got popcorn out of the deal.
The most frequent time these sounds occur is on one of my many nocturnal shuffles to the bathroom.  When I am done and lie back down in my bed, all I hear is pop, long pause, pop, short pause, pop, pop, shorter pause, pop, pop, pop, etc.
This just makes me want to eat popcorn.  Before I know it, all I’m thinking about is my buddy Orville Redenbacher and it’s all I can do not to get up, pee again, get dressed, and grab my car keys in search of a 24 hour convenience store. No regular old multiple sclerosis for me- give me even more unusual stuff in this unusual illness.
And according to the web, none of the other 4.35% of MS’ers are hearing microwave popcorn in their ears. It’s taken me almost four years to learn how to spell the sclerosis in multiple sclerosis and now I may need to learn to spell Meniere’s Disease? And, yes, I suppose I will bring it up to my doctor at my next appointment in three weeks.  I just have to remember to add it to the list of other things I need to tell her. I have about four lists already and the reason why there isn’t just one master list is because my foggy brain (not fuzzy- I can’t even think when I am dealing with fuzzy brains) can never remember where I put my old lists. LOL do like I do place lined paper on your fridge, you go in it several times a day so when you make your tea or coffee it is right there.. This is a narrow road fit for one car at a time several miles south of Montverde on the west side of Lake Apopka. Magnolia Creek Lane in Lake County is where all kinds of horrible things happened back in the 1890s, which accounts for all the stories I personally heard from people who told me about frightening noises back in the woods along this road that cana€™t be explained. My cousin went to Montverde Academy and heard about this road that runs off 455 that used to be a railroad bed and they say that if you go down there at night you can hear ghostly sounds and see eerie shadows of people walking on the road. For ten bucks a pop they are much cheaper than the custom stuff I want, and they would look a lot better than that hand-me-down lamp from my sister’s goodwill pile.

I scoop up as many as I can justify buying (three) and head to the register feeling pretty dang proud of how smart I am. I raced home and had the first package open lickity-split, only to realize each light needs EIGHT (yes, I said eight) batteries. It produced the most wretched, gut wrenching, ear piercing, headache inducing high pitched humming I’ve ever heard. And that’s saying a lot because these ears are to sound what a German Shepherd is to a dead body. We had rope lighting above our cabinets at our last house and I loved the soft light at night, but wouldn’t help your need for task lighting.
Even when your idea doesn’t turn out you still have a fun way of making me wanna read all about it.
Allison, you never cease to crack me up ?? Seriously though, so sorry the lights didn’t work out! Yep solar powered rope lights and you can mount them under your cabinets with staples or if you want to do it the right way they do make a small plastic bracket for them (think small clamp with two brad nails). Well I think the laugh I got was well worth the $30 and time it took you to buy, try and return them! I went to the same big box store and purchased the under the cabinet lights in black and stapled the cords to the underside of my cabinets.
Oh my gosh, I know exactly what you mean – I can hear when my cell phone is *about* to start ringing, because it makes this high-pitched buzzy hum noise for about two seconds before the call actually comes through.
We ran one cord through a cabinet to the plug over the built-in microwave and another one to the plug behind the fridge. I was getting so excited at the beginning of your post, seeing as I would really like some sort of slam-dunk under-cabinet lighting. I have a nice set of weird ear symptoms that have no diagnosis except that I a have a neurological disease. I went there but therea€™s a lot of new houses built in the woods there now so ita€™s not as wild as it used to be but ita€™s still has a thick forest of oaks. This was way back when there were steam engines so I dona€™t really know what year it was anyway there was a big train wreck that happened on this railroad that killed two hundred people.

I always thought I was crazy because I could hear the tv and dvd player and such and no one else could!
Then was told there was no cure for it the only thing I could do was to drastically reduce my sodium and significantly increase my water intake. According to tradition, the road is haunted by 200 passengers who were killed in a major train wreck. It was the biggest train wreck in Florida and their souls still haunt the wooded areas where the old rails used to be.
It is funny you posted this tonight, because my boyfriend said we needed some under the cabinet lights.
It took some rigging, and they by no means look professional, but my not so handy hubby was able to make it so that they cords don’t show. Other than that you are going to have to call in a professional whom would be more than happy to take all your hard saved DYI money. They had a peel and stick back and I don’t know whay they thought it would hold a light and 8 batteries up.
My understanding is that one of Annette Funicello’s initial symptoms was in her hearing. My symptoms started with what I thought was an ear infection fullness in the ear, hearing coming and going in one ear. While the road does appear to be possibly built on an old railroad bed, the only documented railroad ran slightly north of this location. I have found no proof that a train wreck ever occurred anywhere near this road and even if it had, I doubt that it would have been a passenger train. Face it my only real good sense is my sense of smell and oftentimes that is NOT a good thing to have. When I turn on those overhead can lights and 7 lights come on at once, I’m happy, but he is close behind me turning them off, telling me I only need the 2 pendants.

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