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It's been 10 years since Valve announced Half-Life 2: Episode 3, but will it ever become a reality? 90 TechSpot score For $300, the Astro A50 earns top marks for sound, comfort and multi-platform versatility but remains deeply marred by buggy firmware. It’s a synthetic fiber and the cushions are dense so it still gets pretty hot, but it was still less sweaty. Also, unlike leatherish materials, fabric allows for increased sound venting which can be an issue for listening loudly in quiet spaces. The headband adjusts to my large head with a little room to spare, so chances are it will fit your cranium too. The A50 employs dual-mic noise cancellation, a feature found on many headsets but somehow not the H Wireless. Wind noise was only an issue while walking directly under or in front of a fan set to an aggressive speed.

The A50 handled wind far better than the H Wireless, but less well than most other headsets.
With this in mind, the A50 had the weakest battery life but still provides ample time for most gamers. However, the supplied USB cable is a mere 2 feet in length, so a longer cable may be in order if you find yourself in this situation. Overall Quality and Impressions For $300, it is no surprise the Astro A50 ships in an impressive box. This is a very sturdy headset with definite gamer appeal in terms of both style and features.
The stand is a bit cheesy (the instructions even state it is designed to be put together once and only once) but perfectly functional.
This is actually the only headset to come with a stand so it's really just a deal sweetener.

The package includes a few cables and SPDIF optical to coax adapter which make its connectivity second only to the H Wireless.
The A50 came dangerously close to being my perfect choice except for one thing: ridiculous firmware issues. Trying every permutation of recent firmwares for both the transmitter and headset together, I could not find a combination that did not have at least one issue. To make things more complicated, I could barely hear myself speak as the mic monitor volume inexplicably lowered to inaudible levels. If all of that wasn’t bad enough, on at least one of the firmwares I was unable to control the volume on the mic via Windows -- it simply ignored volume controls.

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