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I am just in awe of what I hear and can’t believe I wasted several years of good hearing by not being checked. After my initial visit and two follow up appointments, we couldn’t be more pleased with the service you have provided us and the quality of the inner ear hearing aid. I took my mother in for her hearing test and I found the information to be extremely beneficial.

I have been so happy with my hearing aids that I have sent many people to my hearing specialist; I refer many of my friends and colleagues to Advanced Hearing Technologies.
My suggestion to anyone who is having hearing difficulties is to get to Advanced Hearing Technologies and start hearing again! They have a softer sound with much more clarity and much less background noise than my old ones. Lately it has been so hard for me to hear in church that I have had to leave in the middle of service.

I will definitely recommend you and the staff at Advanced Hearing Technologies to other people I know!

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