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John Stewart Jewellers has been home to a wide selection of watches and jewellery since it was formed in 1987.
As well as offering a beautiful collection of diamond jewellery we stock a wide range of contemporary silver jewellery brands from all over the world including Guess, Mancini, Nomination, Hot Diamonds and Bellezza.
Within each branch we have a working jeweller who is happy to carry out most repair work on the premises to the highest possible standard. In the seventh post in our series looking at the history of Chelmsford High Street, Ashleigh Hudson looks at no. Felsteds was one of the smallest properties fronting the west side of the high street and was recorded as having only 2 hearths in the 17th century.
Wills are a fantastic source of information which can tell us a great deal about the person who wrote it, particularly in terms of family relations. If you would like to find out more about this property, see Hilda Grieves’ detailed history of Chelmsford, The Sleepers and The Shadows. Information compiled from the research and report produced by ERO Archive Assistant, Sarah Ensor.

This entry was posted in Archives, Chelmsford Then and Now, Local history and tagged Chelmsford, Felsteds, Goldsmiths, high street, Thomas Hawes by admin. From there, we have gone on to open branches throughout the west of Scotland - in Irvine, Clydebank, Glasgow and Hamilton, in addition to retaining the original store on Ayr High Street.
If there is something you are looking for that is not on the website or you require any further help or information please get in touch through our contact us page. 58 Chelmsford High Street is today occupied by the jewellers, Goldsmiths. John Walker’s 1591 map of Chelmsford identifies a small property named Felsteds on this site. Wills give a good indication of an individual’s personal wealth, but they can also reveal the items and possessions individuals valued.
From 1841 the property was occupied by veterinary surgeon Samuel Baker and his family and we know from Baker’s will that after his death the property passed to his wife, Caroline Baker.
From 1922, the jeweller Oram and Sons occupied the site and continued to do so until the 1940s when the store came under the ownership of W.G Webber.
The Essex Record Office has a fantastic collection of wills, many of which have been digitised and can be accessed through Essex Archives Online.

All Dalaco Cufflink, Tie Tac and Tie Slide purchases come with gift box, FREE delivery and the Jewellers Ark money back guarantee. The shop took its name from Henry of Felsted and his son Robert, who purchased the shop in the early 14th century.
Wright’s will bequeathed a range of musical instruments, bows and strings to his granddaughters, Ann and Lettice Wyatt. One would imagine that as a musician, James Wright would have highly valued his collection of instruments.
This continuity has continued to the present day, with the jewellery chain Goldsmiths occupying the site today.

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