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This set can be ordered in your choice of colour (this will take several weeks so please don't delay to avoid disappointment). Neck covering traditional gold jewellery necklace small gold flowers attached with each other in a series and making a beautiful shape and big flower are attached upper the net having silver stones in the center.
In this necklace small round having art on it and attached with each other making net like structure and on the left side there is a motive in which there is a flower made by maroon stones a big stone is in the center and other small stones is present around it and leaf like structure is present upper the flower having blue color and green color art is making it stunning. This is the necklace having antique and modern look a brooch is made by gold and green stones are present around it white and green pearls are falling below the grouch.

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This is made by coins like shape in different size attached with each other upper line made by small coins and Lowe line made by big coins there is a mehroon stone in the center.
This is eye-catching traditional gold jewellery necklaces which attract the viewers and enhance you in a gathering. This is a stunning Traditional Gold Jewellery Necklaces which attract the others towards you.

This is the Traditional Gold Jewellery Necklaces which you can wear with simple outfits this is giving modern look and beautifully design. Girls like to wear traditional gold jewellery necklaces with traditional dresses like lehenga and saree etc.

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