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Jewelry Making Journalfree jewelry tutorials, plus a friendly community sharing creative ideas for making and selling jewelry. Do you know if its legal to purchase pre-made jewelry from China, take it apart and create another design from the elements taken from it?
I asked a friend of mine who sells for a company that has a catalog and now on line about this. Get every strategy and secret I've learned from years of selling my handmade jewelry at shows. Copyright © 2003-2016, Rena Klingenberg (or guest author named in article byline), and may not be reproduced without author's permission.
Although there are hundreds of women creating and selling jewellery (making the competition quite fierce), there is still always room for new people getting in on the act. Again, just Google the appropriate keywords and you will find more starter kits and courses near your town. If you want to go down the route of starting your own jewellery website, then you need to buy a domain name and rent hosting from a hosting company.
What you must realise when you have your own website is that you will need to do a lot of marketing (Internet marketing) to get visitors to your site.

This book is witten specifically for people like you, home-based jewellery sellers, and because of his Psychology background, he has written it as an expert on the psychology of selling handmade jewellery.
This is a fantastic book is you want to specialise in selling your handmade jewellery though parties.  Lorri also covers topics such as getting an Online presence, marketing your business through social media such as Facebook and Twitter and eBay selling tips.
December 28, 2006 by Laced Leave a Comment You don’t have to be creative to store your jewellery in unique and stylish ways.
What grew from a hobby and the love of having a different pair of earrings to wear almost everyday of the week they could not seem to store them away neatly where they could easily access them.
Made from clear, protective acrylic, they will keep your earrings safe, clean and dust free.
If you have more than 90 pairs, they come in larger sizes, or you can stack them on top of each other. After looking Australia wide to no avail for a product to organise and keep them seperate and tangle free, they went abroad and came up with what is now the very popular 90 pair earring holder. Keep an eye out for new products on their website, including new jewellery holder innovations such as the necklace holder which will be a first in Australia and available from 2007.
A self confessed beauty addict and lover of pretty things, the online magazine is her baby and passion.

If it was originally an earring component meant to dangle away from the body, is it safe to use it as a pendant with constant skin contact? I will use some of the complementary beads out of a piece, if they look nice and complement the more unique focal I want to use.
With soft felt trays for Jewellery and other precious items, it also comes with a lockable drawer. I think the other commenter is right, once you purchase it, it’s yours to do what you want with it.
I often see their wonderful designs when they upload the photos of their master-pieces on Facebook.

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