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I’m happy to be invited to the exhibition Into Flora it reminds me of some of the early stages of my work were I could se the small simple flower build of circles around a circle.
Shakti carries a variety of goods, including beads, clothing, home accessories, jewelry, and jewelry making supplies. The majority of materials are handpicked so we have control over the quality of product we supply to customers. Statues, housewares, prayer flags, incense, malas, feathers, clothing, crystals, meditational tools including singing bowls, greeting cards and many more!

We prefer to purchase directly from artisans when possible, and we try to use suppliers who are committed to fair trade.
We take steps to make sure glass beads produced are of excellent quality and are competitive in the rapid-changing market. When at all possible we make every attempt to buy directly from the artisans individuals or families that make the beautiful items. There are many advantages to this approach and of course one of the main ones is being able to pass beautifully crafted goods on to our customers at reasonable prices.

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