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Nickel allergy is one of the most common contact allergies affecting an estimated 15% of the population.
A new website is dedicated to easing that struggle by providing solutions for nickel allergy sufferers. Rash caused from not wearing nickel free earrings.Nickel allergy rash caused by nickel in the watch band.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Systemic contact dermatitis is seen when sensitized individuals are exposed to a hapten systemically, that is orally, transcutaneously, intravenously, subcutaneously, intramusculaly or by inhalation.
Nickel allergy is commonly associated with earrings and other jewelry for body piercings (Jewelry Allergy - Nickel Allergy). Although systemic contact dermatitis from medicaments is a well-established entity, the existence of systemic reactions to oral nickel exposure, in particular systemic reactions to nickel exposure in the normal daily diet, remains controversial. Allergy to nickel is a phenomenon which has assumed growing importance in recent years, largely because of the introduction of cheap fancy jewellery in which the underlying metal layer consists of nickel. Allergic contact dermatitis defined as a T-cell-mediated delayed-type skin hypersensitivity response to low molecular weight substances, represents a considerable environmental and occupational health hazard in developed countries. During a patch test, very small quantities of potential allergens (including nickel) are applied to small patches, which are then placed on your skin to check for a reaction.
It has been suggested that ACD can be distinguished from other skin disorders like psoriasis and atopic eczema by the specific profile of Th cell subsets involved and Th17 and Th22 were detected in skin lesions of allergic individuals. In addition to other costimulatory molecules such as CD86, programmed death ligand (PD-L)1 (B7-H1, CD274) and PD-L2 bind to their cognate receptor PD-1 on activated T and B cells, thereby modulating and fine tuning the balance of immune responses toward pathogens and autoimmune tissue damage. PD-L1 tissue expression was analyzed by immunohistochemistry in tissue biopsies taken from ACD patients after nickel exposure. Data on LC-Th cell interactions suggest that PD-L1 expressed on the surface of LCs plays a regulatory role in skin`s immune response to bacteria and in ACD by limiting the release of proinflammatory cytokines from Th cells. Contact sensitization is frequent in the general population and arises from excessive or repeated skin exposure to chemicals and metals. A cross-sectional study has been set to determine the role of polymorphisms of the claudin-1 gene (CLDN1) on the risk of contact sensitization, taking common filaggrin gene (FLG) mutations into account. In individuals without ear piercings, a higher prevalence of nickel sensitization was found in those with the minor allele of CLDN1 SNP rs9290927.
For CLDN1 rs17501010, contact sensitization to organic compounds was associated with the major allele. In short, the CLDN1 polymorphisms rs9290927 and rs17501010 were associated, respectively, with nickel contact sensitization in individuals without ear piercings and with both organic compounds and nickel contact dermatitis.
The risk of allergen penetration is determined not only by dose and exposure time, but also by the chemical properties of the contact allergens in question, as well as the presence of irritants. The tight-junction barriers exist covertly under the stratum corneum and divide two adjacent compartments to maintain different solute concentrations. As the tight-junction barrier may be regarded as a second line of defence, CLDN1 mutations could have an impact on the susceptibility to develop contact sensitization and dermatitis. The EU nickel directive states legal limits for the amount of nickel released by items that are normally in prolonged contact with the skin, such as earrings or watches. Furthermore, products which are the subject of point 1, 2 and 3, may not be placed on the market unless they conform to the requirements set put in those points. Systemic reactions, such as hand dermatitis or generalized eczematous reactions, can occur due to dietary nickel ingestion.
This figure shows the distribution of volunteers with specifically nickel-related cutaneous reactions, as well as itching and general symptoms.
There are two primary situations in which dietary nickel should be considered as a possible cause or exacerbating factor of dermatitis.
The best known situation is vesicular hand dermatitis in which there is a positive patch test reaction to nickel.
The second, less known situation, is that of a widespread dermatitis or even isolated pruritus in the setting of a positive nickel patch test. Nickel ingestion causes detectable changes in the immune system that may explain the observed clinical reactions. In addition to the specific foods eaten, a number of other factors can affect the nickel content in the diet. The final, and probably least appreciated, factor in the effects of dietary nickel is absorption of ingested nickel. Initially, the affected area should be thoroughly washed to remove any residue of the irritant that may remain on the skin.
Skin exposure to contact allergens is practically impossible to avoid due to their frequent use in consumer and occupational products. The literature and experience clearly demonstrate that some nickel-allergic patients have cutaneous reactions when they consume a high nickel diet and that reduction of dietary nickel intake can cause improvement in these patients. International Shipping - items may be subject to customs processing depending on the item's declared value. Your country's customs office can offer more details, or visit eBay's page on international trade.
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Study reveals that females are more prone to metal allergy then men because of their jewellery use. My question is about metal allergies: I like to wear earrings but I have problems with most metals except one and that is gold and it must be 18 caret gold which is expensive. Most jewellery allergy is caused by the metal nickel which is used in the manufacture of precious metal alloys.
In less expensive jewellery, nickel is often used in the base metal which is then plated with gold or silver. By looking at a piece of jewellery it is very difficult to determine whether or not it contains nickel. Basically, if you are allergic, it’s impossible to know for sure if you can wear a certain piece of jewellery, unless you try it. If you must wear earrings that contain nickel, add plastic covers made specifically for earring studs. If your wedding ring or other item of jewellery that you wear daily causes a reaction, you can ask a jeweller about having it plated in a non-allergic metal, such as rhodium or platinum.
Being able to wear little jewellery or no jewellery at all might actually make your your life easier: as explained by Barry Schwarz in the famous TED talk The Paradox of Choice. It is one of the most common forms of allergic contact dermatitis in which skin gets inflamed due to contact with an allergy causing substance. Other clinically characteristic cutaneous features are vesicular hand eczema, eruptions on previously unaffected skin such as flexural dermatitis, maculopapular rash and vasculitis-like lesions. Nickel allergy is more common in women, probably because they are more likely to have pierced ears than men, although this is changing. 10 to 12% of the female population and 6% of the male population are estimated to be allergic to nickel.
Relevant agents causing occupation-induced ACD comprise the ubiquitous transition metal nickel (Ni ++). Recently, it was demonstrated that human Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4), an innate immune receptor detecting bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), has a crucial role in Ni ++ -mediated inflammatory reactions.
By fluorescence microscopy, PD-L1 expression was found greatly enhanced upon challenge with nickel. In a recent review article, the stratum corneum, tight junctions and dendritic cells were referred to as ‘the three musketeers’ of the epidermal barrier due to their crucial role in skin homeostasis. Even though CLDN-1 is just one of several tight-junction proteins, it is a key component of the epidermal protein structures. Sensitized individuals generally have a predictable localized response following cutaneous exposure to nickel, including erythema, vesicles, scaling, and pruritus.
The currency, adopted by most of Europe at the beginning of this year, can release up to 320 times the amount of nickel that European Union (EU) regulations say triggers skin reactions in people allergic to the metal. Frank Nestle of the University of Zurich in Switzerland and colleagues have now worked out why - and it's not just that the new coins contain too much nickel.
When sweat gets between the two different alloys of the central pill and outer ring of 1- and 2-euro pieces, metal ions flow between them.
Jensen et al.2003 showed dose-dependent relationships between the amount of nickel ingested and the probability of a dermatitis flare and between the amount ingested and the severity of flares. The result of the logistic regression analysis showed that the nickel-related reaction pattern seen among the nickel-sensitive volunteers was dose dependent (P=0.021).
Dietary nickel reactions should be particularly strongly considered when papules on the extensor elbows are noted in patients with widespread dermatitis or hand dermatitis.
For example, ingestion of nickel leads to a decrease in circulating CD8+ CD45RO+ CLA+ blood lymphocytes, which correlates with migration of CD8+ memory T cells into tissues. Nickel levels in a given type of fruit or vegetable can vary based on region, water supply, and soil conditions. It has been demonstrated that vitamin C decreases absorption of dietary nickel, as does iron. Antihistamines may be used to improve allergy symptoms, including red, itchy and inflamed skin.
The above explained measures provide relief to the annoying symptoms and secondary problems related to allergy but are of no great help in providing a permanent cure to the allergy. Identification of the critical determinants of interindividual variation of sensitization and elicitation threshold levels may ultimately improve prevention, as genetically susceptible individuals may be instructed to take particular precautions. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location.
You have read and agree to the Global Shipping Program terms and conditions - opens in a new window or tab. After getting your most awaited piercing, you can experience some itchiness within the area.

One should assume that all metal jewellery has some amount of nickel in it unless it made of stainless (surgical) steel, is either 18- or 24 carat gold, is sterling silver, or pure platinum. Itching and general symptoms, such as headache, nausea and malaise, have been reported after the oral nickel exposure of nickel-sensitive individuals.
In fact the allergy is not caused by nickel itself but by the nickel sulfate NiSO 4 (H 2 O) 6 , which are formed under the effect of perspiration in contact with the piece of jewellery or watch. If you have a nickel allergy, the skin under the nickel patch will be inflamed when the patch is removed or in the days after removal of the patch.
On the basis of structural modelling and mutagenesis data we proposed a model, in which two Ni ++ ions bind a histidine triplet provided by two opposing TLR4 molecules. At the 72 hours time point the majority of cells constituting epidermal layers exhibited strong expression of PD-L1. This makes the coins corrode, releasing nickel ions, which can set off itching and redness in up to 30% of the population. Doses of 0.3mg, 1mg, and 4mg of nickel sulfate hexahydrate produced cutaneous reactions in 40, 40, and 70 percent of nickel-sensitive participants, respectively. This relationship between systemic contact dermatitis due to dietary nickel and an eruption on the extensor elbows has been shown to be significant. Ingestion of nickel by nickel-sensitive patients has also been shown to increase serum levels of interleukin (IL)-5, a Th2 cytokine, and although contact dermatitis is classically thought of as a type IV hypersensitivity (Th1 reaction), IL-5 is known to enhance proliferation of eosinophils and may explain why eosinophils can be seen on biopsy.
Nickel can be inadvertently added to processed foods based on the equipment used for processing and can be added to canned foods via leaching from the metallic can.
Co-ingestion, or lack thereof, of these two nutrients can have a major effect on nickel absorption, even without alteration of the amount of nickel ingestion.
Commonly used non-prescription antihistamines include diphenhydramine, chlorpheniramine and loratadine among others. Antibiotic creams or pills such as penicillin antibiotics may be administered for secondary infection. Even desensitization techniques, such as allergy shots are not an effective modality of treatment, therefore avoidance of nickel is probably the best defence. However, the low nickel diet is relatively fiber poor and can lead to constipation in some patients. GST gene polymorphisms have previously been associated with contact sensitization and other inflammatory disorders whereas CLDN1 polymorphisms have been associated with atopic dermatitis in a case–control study. For these reasons, recommendation of a low nickel diet should be considered for all patients with either hand dermatitis or a nonspecific, pruritic dermatitis and a positive patch test reaction to nickel.
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Because of the low concentrations of allergens used, patch tests are safe even for people with severe allergies.
Similar to LPS, Ni ++ thus might induce proinflammatory signaling by crosslinking two TLR4 molecules. By contrast, comparably low PD-L1 levels were observed in biopsies of unchallenged ACD patients (time point: 0 h).
However, we could not confirm an increased effect of CLDN1 polymorphisms when FLG mutations were present.
Sixty percent of the participants receiving 4mg of nickel sulfate hexahydrate had widespread cutaneous reactions; whereas, the rate in the placebo group was zero percent. However, since many patients with dermatitis or itching due to dietary nickel do not have this sign, its absence should not dissuade the astute clinician from suspecting the diagnosis of dietary nickel dermatitis.
Nickel is also present in tap water, especially hot water, which can leach nickel from faucet fixtures into the water sitting overnight in the fixtures. Factors such as these highlight how little is understood about the ingestion and metabolism of dietary nickel and the factors that can affect it. Commonly used prescription medications include desloratadine, fexofenadine and cetirizine among others.
It must be underscored that the numbers in the subanalyses were often small and that the results therefore should be interpreted with caution.
A significant difference (P=0.016) was seen only when the nickel-sensitive individuals exposed to 4mg nickel were compared with the nickel-sensitive individuals given a placebo.
Stainless steel cookware is another potential dietary nickel source since cooking acidic foods, such as tomato, vinegar, or lemon in stainless steel cookware has been shown to leach nickel from the cookware into the food.
Disulfiram, a nickel chelator, has been shown to be useful as well, but due to the potential for hepatotoxicity in patients taking disulfiram, this medication is probably best reserved for patients with a high suspicion of dietary nickel dermatitis who have failed a low nickel diet. Alternative ways to decrease dietary nickel absorption (and promote fecal excretion) are to recommend addition of iron-rich foods to the diet since iron is a competitive inhibitor of nickel absorption and to recommend vitamin C supplementation, as vitamin C has been shown to reduce the rise in plasma nickel concentration when ingested concurrently with nickel.

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