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Indian brides wear jewelry sets that are made in gold, be it necklaces, bangles, anklets and earrings. Brides from Maharashtra wear stings of pearls in a cascade from the temples down to the shoulders, framing the face. Fine filigree jewelry in silver is a hallmark of the artisans of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Kundan jewelry also finds favor with many Indian brides.Kundan jewelry is characterized by gems embedded in gold leaf and not rim or claw. Search through our pages on India India Travel Tips - Find out the place of your choice Statistics on India - Statistics on India India Tourism - Explore 3.2 million sq. Whether you soar high into Himalayas or peer under the ruins of the Ancient monuments dotting the landscape of India, you will cherish the experience long after your visit !
The gentle tinkle of the anklets around delicate feet, a set of jingling bangles on her hands and an exquisitely crafted necklace round her neck - the Indian bride looks resplendent in her finery and colorful profusion. Precious stones such as jade, garnet, emerald, amethyst, pearl and coral are widely used in Indian bridal jewelry.

Toe-rings are another jewelry item that is worn by married women in many parts of the country.
Filigree work uses silver wires of varying thickness to make geometrical shapes, leaves, flowers and butterflies and birds. The modern day bride prefers to have some modern wearable items of gold jewelry in her trousseau. Jaipur is famous for enamel work - exquisite bangles and necklaces with colored enamel paneling on crafted gold.
Temple jewelry from South India is inspired by temple statues and motifs and is usually characterized by red and green semi precious stones. This site is dedicated to promote India - the vast subcontinent, its glorious past, magnificent landscape and its infinite variety.
Not many would like to be weighed down by heavy jewelry that cannot be worn often and will be more an invitation for thieves. Jewelry in the southern states is inspired by nature - paisley motifs, rice grains, melon seeds, cobra head and birds.

Many a bride makes a few changes to suit her tastes, keeping well within the prescribed parameters. Ganesh Chaturthi - Significance of Ganesh Chaturthi Relocating to India - Reverse Brain Drain Basilicas in India - India's 20 Basilicas - Roman Catholics Travelling in India - Guide for your travel. Sri Lanka - Long beaches, hills rich with tea plantations Photo Gallery of India - India through Lens Mountain Trains of India - Journey through mountain trains of India Indian Recipe Chinese Style - Mouthwatering recipes and more. Lakshadweep - Travel to the coral islands White Water Rafting India - Heart pounding adventure in water. Indian Visa Documentation - How to get an Indian Visa Sea Fish in India - Fish from Indian Coast.

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