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Life of Riley's beautiful leather jewellery organiser is a stunning design and will keep all your jewellery safe and sound.
Please be aware this jewellery organiser is made from natural materials and is hand crafted, as such there will be slight variations in colour, texture and markings which we believe adds to the item's beauty and individual character. To make your gift extra sepcial attach one of our leather tags to the handle which can be personalised with a memorable date, short phrase or initials.
Funnily enough, we put the boys drawers in their wardrobe as well – saves so much floor space in the room! Now store all your treasured ornaments with care and elegance in this stunning jewellery box from Navitass.

With its unconventional approach, Urban Living specialises in providing sturdy and unique accessories. The five drawers consist of two without compartments, one with a single division, one divided into four long sections and one divided into eight compartments. But I love the dress shelf – that would make a nice wall feature festooned with necklaces etc. I have my dresser in the wardrobe too because of space restrictions, and I’ve never thought of doing that.
It also features special lift-out segmented trays making it much easier to organize your collection.

All my jewelery are in various containers on a shelf in the hallway, I make sure to grab something from them every day to wear before I rush out the door.

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