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The Open Hearts by Jane Seymour collection at H.Samuel is a diamond set jewellery range featuring an array of stylish necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. According to Jane, "The universal symbol of giving and receiving love is an open heart." Open Hearts by Jane Seymour celebrates every kind of love in one's life. Titanium is a lightweight, lustrous grey metal with a low density, great strength and high durability that was popularised for jewellery, particularly rings, in the 1990's. It was found by William Gregor in Cornwall 1791, and Martin Heinrich Klaproth named his discovery after the Titans, the first sons of the Earth according to Greek mythology.
As strong as steel but 45% lighter, it is also twice as strong as aluminium although 60% heavier.
Yet, due to its hardness, methods for the production of titanium are slightly different from those used for the more traditional precious metals, such as gold and silver and instead are similar to the techniques used for stainless steel.
Well known for its strong resistance to corrosion and its hardness, it is particularly resistant to any damaging effects from sea water and chlorine, making it beneficial for those who plan to wear their jewellery on the beach or in the swimming pool.
Despite Titanium's reputation for durability and its resistance to tarnishing, it is always a good idea to keep your jewellery and watches clean. At H Samuel, we've developed a range of guides to help you make the most of your old, current and future jewellery. Laying necklaces is a stylish fashion trend and your chance to put together old and new necklaces and create a look that reflects your personal style. Stacking rings is a hot trend and a great way to explore your personal style and give new life to a ring that's a little lonely and boring on its own. Identify your jewellery style by analysing your style preferences in other areas of your life — from what you wear to how you decorate.
Travelling is something we all love to do and we have useful tips on what jewellery to take with you, what to leave behind and how to pack it. Precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum are the perfect way to express your emotions or make a personal statement to a loved one.

The guide features interesting and exciting information on the history of metals and how to recognize and look for hallmarks for your reassurance.
Whatever the occasion or event, whoever it's for, this Metal Buyer's Guide will help you choose your jewellery and understand what you're buying into. Palladium resembles the lustrous appearance of platinum and has been used as a precious metal since 1939. Palladium falls within the platinum group of metals, but is softer than platinum and more affordable. Palladium is the least dense of the metals in the platinum family, so like gold – it can be beaten as thin as a leaf.
It is perfect in all types of jewellery, and makes an ideal substitute for white gold and platinum.
However, if you would like to turn off cookies, you can manage cookies in your browser settings. However, it wasn't until 1910 that pure titanium was manufactured and in 1946 Kroll showed that pure titanium could be produced commercially.
For this reason Titanium is exceptional amongst metals for the highest strength-to-density ratio. As technology has developed, there are now a broader range of titanium ring-styles available, including those inlaid with sparkling diamonds or gemstones. Always store your jewellery in a pouch if you can, to prevent scratching and use a soft cloth for polishing.
Learn more about your personal style, understand latest trends, how to travel with jewellery and find the best ways to wear different items.
Alternative metals like titanium and stainless steel are also very popular in the world of fine jewellery.
We’ve also included a simple way to understand gold carats and the best way to care of your jewellery.

It has recently seen an upsurge in popularity to become one of our most fashionable metals. It shares many of the same chemical properties of platinum; it is naturally hypoallergenic, for the benefit of those with sensitive skin or allergies. If it is dented or scratched, the metal simply displaces and can easily be rectified with polishing. Palladium is a sophisticated, precious metal in its own right and is even more elegant, when set with diamonds or precious gemstones. Consequently, it is particularly brilliant for manufacturing everyday jewellery such as wedding bands and engagement rings. Because it isn’t mixed with substances that irritate skin, it can be worn comfortably by many without the fear of allergic reactions.
At H.Samuel we supply a wide range of cleaning products including sprays and wipes to keep your jewellery as dazzling as the day you bought it. With over 150 years experience, H.Samuel are pleased to bring you this fun and informative guide to precious and alternative metals and how they are used to make your jewellery.
We've thrown in a little extra and have included information on some alternative materials such as leather and crystal for your benefit too! It's best to avoid wearing your palladium jewellery if carrying out any hands-on, heavy work. It has become particularly popular as a cheaper alternative to platinum for wedding bands and is crafted to create stunning engagement rings.

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