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Janhavi Art Jewellery is the Leading Manufacturer of Antique Necklace Set Jewelry, which is the most demandable jewelry by the people.
These beautiful Necklace Sets are handcrafted in copper alloy with imitation Pearls & Polki of very fine quality and semi-precious stones. From earrings and bracelets to anklets, rings, studs and necklace, Delhi market is totally diverse in its collection of artificial jewellery.
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It is worn by not only students who can’t afford gold or diamond jewellery but by all sections of the society. Delhi market has exclusive artificial jewellery which is handpicked for the modern women of today. We are manufacturer and supplier of Golden, Silver, Platinum, wooden and attractive jewelry.
One can find jewelry for different occasion, be it a casual outing, a theme party, freshers, farewell parties, or even luxurious Indian weddings.

At times there are demands for using plating of gold color or silver color on imitation jewelry.
Coloured stones which are used in imitation jewelry are of glass, plastic or acrylic Glittering of semi precious gems, twinkle of gold trinkets, and sparkle of handcrafted silver and tranquility of kundan sets jewellery is what Delhi artificial market is all about.

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