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November 11, 2011 by Amy Share Tweet Pin Stumble Email My jewelry collection is just sitting on my cable box, and I would really love to move it. Jewelry Organizers Blog Learn about Jewelry Boxes on our blog for jewelry lovers and crafters. Watch winders are not your typical jewelry storage, but they are an important piece of the puzzle. Two large containers with felt bottoms store and protect earrings, bracelets and more while the top lid acts as a dish for commonly used rings, necklaces plus more. The concrete and copper design of this modern jewelry box create an unmistakably modern feel that is sleek and chic. When choosing a jewelry box or jewelry organizer, the wealth of choices can be welcomed, but also a tad overwhelming!  How to choose depends on what you need, where you are going to put it, what your style is, how much jewelry you have, and on and on.  Check out my tips and reviews of different types of jewelry organizers below to find out which one will work best for you (or your significant other, if you are gift shopping). A box that incorporates glass doors or see through tops gives the most visual appeal.  A box with a mirror is nice, both storing your gems and helping you put them on!  And, for girls from 5 to 85, a musical jewelry box simply can’t be beat.  Choose a theme song that represents your life, or simply puts a smile on your face! Fabric and Leather Jewelry Boxes – These are a great alternative to wood, perfect for the bathroom counter or dresser top for your most frequently used jewelry!  And the possibilities are endless with these, including pinks, blacks, greens and more.  Choose from large chocolate brown leather boxes and small open boxes.
Travel Jewelry Organizers – on the go, keep your most precious gems safe from loss and tangles with a great travel jewelry organizers.  These are available in every size and material, from small leather wallet size jewelry cases to full size organizers for most of your collection! No matter what your home jewelry storage requirements are, you need to make sure you find the perfect one for you! Some gals don’t need a big fancy jewelry organizer, so something like this little spinner would be perfect for holding a few favorite pieces.
For the gal with limited space and a need for multi-functionality, we have a wall mounted jewelry armoire with a mirrored front and slots for pictures.  Here you can store your accessories, make yourself up and display memories. And last but not least, any gal on the go needs a good travel jewelry case like this one.  Hard sided is great, because it not only serves as a travel jewelry organizer, but as a mini jewelry box wherever you go!
So if you’re struggling to think of a gift for that woman who has everything, or is difficult to shop for, consider the options I’ve shown you here.  Like I said, we gals love our accessories, and most of us have room for another jewelry organizer in our lives.  Happy holiday shopping folks!

In my humble opinion, acrylic jewelry organizers are most definitely the best of the best when it comes to keeping your valuable accessories organized in an easy-to-find manner. The best thing about acrylic jewelry organizers is that they have an awesome modern style that catches the eye nearly as much as the jewelry contained within! The very first acrylic jewelry box I ever purchased is the Acrylic Jewelry Chest – Deluxe Acrylic Jewelry Box, which provides seven levels of storage for any kind of jewelry. After I bought this jewelry box, I knew I needed to add more acrylic jewelry storage to my bedroom. The Earring File is the earring storage accessory that I finally decided to go with, as it adds very similar style storage of earrings but holds 90 earrings.
Join me on my journey of jewelry organizing and check back soon for tips on more jewelry ideas, including recycled jewelry, eco-friendly ideas, beading (of course!) and do it yourself jewelry organizer ideas! Picture Of Printer Drawer Jewelry Organizer Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
Velvety suede lines the inside and matching pillows are ready to have watches wrapped around them for safe keeping. This Double Watch Winder, also from American Chest, is crafted from solid American cherry wood.
This contemporary twist on jewelry storage is sure to add style and conversation to any room. These jewelry organizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes with many different purposes, but they are all simply my favorite when it comes to organizing my jewelry. Of course, it helps that they are clear, making it easy to see the jewelry that is inside, saving me tons of time searching through tiny jewelry drawers. This jewelry box came complete with soft foam inserts that are perfect for keeping the jewelry in pristine condition while being stored.
Hopefully this acrylic jewelry storage accessory will suffice for a few years, until I have collected even more earrings.

Its slender profile is custom made for concealing in a dresser drawer or stowing in a closet as well as showing off on any table top location.
I need to find a drawer immediately, because the greatest part about this (besides the Mod Podge) is that it’s hanging from the wall.
Add the Umbra Jewelry Storage Organizer to the bathroom counter, personal vanity, dresser and more to create convenient storage for small items. I have many, many earrings so being able to hold every single one in an easy to locate place was a great convenience for me.
Ideal for any sophisticated organization lover, this jewelry and accessory manager has a variety of his and her storage options. Complete with four programs, this watch winder features nylon gears, a mabuchi motor and intermittent programming sequences.
The tutorial is no longer available (the blog is gone!) but you can use this idea for inspiration. Available in two sizes, you can chose from the regular design that fits up to six watches or the larger design which fits up to 10 watches and includes a bottom drawer for accessories. This beautiful dresser top piece also features the slim glass panel in the lid, perfect for keeping contents visible and well protected.
The only problem is that now I have filled up this organizer and have to find an additional organizer for any future earrings.

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