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No matter what tools you require for a project, Jemco USA is sure to have just what you need. All the miscellaneous extras for your jewelry items from anti-tarnish paper to string tags and zip lock bags. Everything you need to package your one-of-a-kind jewelry items after sale from plain or foil boxes to silky bags. Singing Stone owner, Dan Balk, has opened his jewelry studio for basic silversmithing classes 6 days a week, Sunday through Friday at 10:00 AM. In the jewelry making classes, students will develop hands-on education in hand fabrication using raw materials. Goldsmith and artist, Dan Balk, designs and fabricates every piece of jewelry from raw materials from his studio in Tampa, Florida.

Our staff truly wants to serve you as we strive to create an experience that will be both memorable and valuable for you and your loved ones or valued customers. Students discover new abilities to design and create their own piece of jewelry under the guidance of a professional jeweler. Classes are small, enabling students to master skills and techniques, one to three students per class. Students will gain awareness and practice in shop safety, design, creating silver sheets and wires, metal cutting, soldering and forming, and stone setting.
Dan’s expanding jewelry collections are for sale and on exhibit at The Singing Stone. Gallery events and studio classes are held at The Singing Stone on 8 Avenue and 19 Street in Ybor City at 1903 N.

Each piece is one of a kind, designed by Dan, who creates his own sterling silver, 18K, and 14K alloys that he then fashions, mills, forges, fuses, and brazes into miniature sculptures for personal adornment. Dan has complete contact and artistic connection with each piece of fine art jewelry from concept to collection.

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