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Resin is a great way to protect and preserve delicate objects, such as fabric and paper, and keep them dry and safe from scratching or chipping.
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Cocktail rings are a stylish way to make a statement and are easy to personalize using resin casting techniques.
Next, try a project that is a little on the funky side, with a handmade resin jewelry necklace featuring a paper memento.
Helen takes it a step further with this trendy cuff, which combines the resin focal piece and bronze to make this piece stand out. Longtime contributors to Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, Tom & Kay are experts at a variety of jewelry-making techniques. Learning how to make resin jewelry has never been so easy with this handy DIY resin jewelry free eBook! Build confidence as a metalsmith as you learn the fundamentals in six information-packed resources. Build confidence as a metalsmith as you learn the fundamentals in fifteen information-packed resources. Create eleven exciting jewelry designs that incorporate wire wrapping, soldering and metalsmithing techniques. PAY NOW AND SAVE: You get 7 issues for the same low price of $22.95 – that’s over 45% off the newsstand price!
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You can mold them using molders or even ice trays of different shapes and decorate or embellish it with images as it hardens.
Embedding focal elements in resin opens up a world of possibilities for found object and memento resin jewelry. The experts collected three resin jewelry tutorials plus a bonus guide to resin jewelry supplies to get you started.
This pretty floral resin ring uses collage techniques to create the design, before encasing it in resin.
By inserting the paper in a premade bezel and covering it with resin, you have created a piece that will last and last. With this article on working with resin, you will learn the difference between five types of resin for jewelry.
With this free eBook on how to make resin jewelry, you will learn the basics of working with resin, and discover why it can be so addictive with three free projects.
Produced by Padico.The resin has been improved in quality with high transparency and stronger adhesiveness. Some of these use a pre-made bezel, but if you are comfortable, you can create your own bezels and other adaptations as needed. Three of the projects use a pre-made bezel, and for those of you with minimal soldering experience, you can create your own backless bezel as shown for the resin earrings project—or use a pre-made backless bezel. Danielle shares her quick tips for cutting the paper to the right size the first time, and using items you probably already have as resin jewelry making supplies.
You will also discover Lisa’s simple tips for adding the focal piece to a necklace, so you can show off your new handmade necklace. Helen shares her simple steps for filling the bezel with resin to create fanciful focal pieces.
Simple soldering of just one seam on each earring, combined with the clever use of resin as both a design element and as an adhesive holding the wires in place, results in these beautiful earrings with a stained-glass feel.

Each of these free projects can be created as is, or can be used to inspire designs of your own. Bits of ticket stubs, vintage labels, flowers, leaves, prized fabric, and hardware are all perfect candidates. Also in this free DIY resin jewelry collection, you’ll find great tips for working with resin plus a handy chart of pros and cons for the five types of resin for jewelry. Also in this free tutorial you’ll find great tips for working with resin plus a handy chart of pros and cons for five types of resin for jewelry.
Using a pre-made silver ring makes for a quick project, or add your own personality by creating a custom ring. Customize the design to your unique style and learn how to make resin jewelry from start to finish with this free DIY resin jewelry eBook! She also shares her four tips for resin success and lessons learned on preparing materials. Plus, for quick reference, we’ve included a handy chart of each resin and their properties covering everything from flexibility, ease of use, price, and more. Start by using the premade components, or jump right into creating custom bezels and adaptations. If I’m not completely satisfied, I can keep my FREE issue and return the bill marked “cancel” and owe nothing.
Create each project step-by-step, or use these resin jewelry tutorials to design your own custom DIY resin jewelry. Get Danielle’s expert tips on preparing the collage, working with resin, and adding finishing touches when you download this free resin jewelry tutorial today!

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