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Neuhoff Media donated a money wind machine for our charitable cause.  While in the store, if you LIKED us on FB, you were given a  coupon for a turn in the Money Wind Machine for a chance   to grab as much $$ as you could in 10 seconds.
Also, Main Hangar Restaurant is provided the food & drinks for sale throughout the day. With this bracelet  you can build your own diamond bracelet.  This 14k gold (yellow or white) bracelet comes blank and all you have to do is add the diamonds or colored gemstones.

After we carve the wax, the model is casted into gold, polished and diamonds set into the ring to match the diamonds in the engagement.
This would prove to be invaluable information to hand over to the local Law Enforcement Agency and the Insurance Company, should your home be burglarized and items such as TV's, Laptops, Tools, or Jewelry are taken. Accenting the center diamond are two beautifully-matched pear-shaped diamonds, weighing 1.54 carats total weight.

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