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The Desert Bee offers jewelry repair services for individual customers as well as retail shops and boutiques.
The Desert Bee prefers PayPal as a payment method, however we will accept personal checks via U.S. The customer is responsible for payment of all shipping to and from our facility on ALL items submitted for repair, as well as actual repair service charges. The Desert Bee guarantees all repairs for one (1) year from the date of shipment TO our facility. When you start beading, the first thing that you should think about are your beading supplies. This wire is only available in the hardness dead-soft and is best used for wire shapes that are unsupported such as neck wires and bangle bracelets.
This wire is an all-purpose wire and has many uses such as loops jump rings, head pins and eye pins. This wire, and thinner wires, are most commonly used for delicate applications such as crochet and twining.
If you have recently started beading or just planning to start, you may not yet realize how essential it is to have the right beading tools. If you are using small beads (for example you are making a beaded tree or something like that) the best choice will be one of the smallest beading needles.

The total repair service fee charged per customer will depend upon bead size, bead material, number of strands, length of the jewelry item, and finding material for the jewelry item being repaired. Should our repair service customer desire a specific type of finding The Desert Bee can accommodate the customer’s request at cost.
Please note that your item is not insured by The Desert Bee until it is received by our facility. We will repair broken findings (clasps) or restring any jewelry item, however, we do not repair or replace unique stones or beads. One of the most important beading supplies is the wire you will need to make beaded jewelry and especially beaded trees. For example, sterling silver is typically available in two main categories – half-hard and dead-soft. Also if your beads, pearls or gemstones have tiny holes then this gauge wire may be the only option. If you don’t have the right beading tools, your beading will be much more difficult and less enjoyable. If you are lucky to have a beading shop near you home, you should visit it and look at their selection.
We cannot guarantee loss occurring with normal wear, or guarantee against human error if your jewelry item breaks again.

Just as there are different types of beads, there is also a wide variety of beading wires to choose from. When you are just beginner, the better and the cheapest choice for you will be brass or copper, they are also easy to manipulate.
That is why choosing the right beading tools is your first step forward toward success beading. The best way is to start with a small selection of the most necessary tools, and then, expand your collection when you find that you need different beading tools. While tools may look similar in pictures, similar tools from different manufacturers often have a different feel. Wires differ from each in many different respects, including hardness, shape, thickness (gauge), and the material from which they are made. So, before you choose your beading needle, decide what beads are required for your project.
You will find that beading wire will harden as it is manipulated but you also have the option of hammering a piece, which will flatten the shape, if you want a more rigid piece.

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