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Heather Brady, MT, graduated from Cortiva Institute- Somerset School of Massage Therapy (Wall campus) in 2007. Heather specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage, Reiki, Reflexology, Raindrop Therapy and other Aromatherapy services, Infant Massage instruction, and Clinical Aromatherapy consultations. All of the massages offered are customized to meet the clienta€™s expectations, be it a relaxing Swedish massage, a specific and therapeutic Deep Tissue massage, or a harmonizing and balancing Reiki or Raindrop treatment.

Before each session, your specific needs will be discussed, including any physical or emotional concerns, and the treatment tailored to your personal expectations. She is a White Light Reiki Level II Certified Healer, completed Infant Massage Instructor training through Infant Massage USA, and is currently completing her Clinical Aromatherapy Certification through the East-West School for Herbal and Aromatic Studies.

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