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Oldcastle Materials takes a slightly different approach by identifying and marking where the noisiest areas in the plant are located.
As for the community, it’s best for an aggregate operation to be out of sight and out of mind, or in this case, out of earshot.
Chris May, director of environmental, health and safety for Oldcastle Materials companies, has been with the company for 18 years. Every year, at most of their locations, an occupational health specialist is brought in to sample the noise the employees are exposed to in the plant and mobile equipment. Screens can be one of the worst offenders in an operation, but Dillard says rubber greatly reduces the noise. According to Dillard, berms create the best buffer between the operation and the community. Dillard says that prevention and doing things to minimize the noise to start with can help in the long run.

Oldcastle helps reduce the impact of noise on its employees by providing equipment with enclosed cabs, but it also does noise mapping. Newer mobile equipment is well engineered when it comes off the assembly line, so the operating noise has been greatly reduced. Iddings says the only other place he might have a borderline noise issue would be at the crusher. With only a few farms and ranches in the area, there are no issues with the community, but Iddings is still aware of his neighbors. The noisy processing plant consisting of screens and crushers, the worst noise offenders, can sometimes be located down in the pit.
She is chairperson of the of NSSGA’s Sustainability Committee, chairperson of NAPA’s Safety and Health committees, and a member of ARTBA’s Safety Committee.
If overexposure is detected, the employee is automatically enrolled in a hearing conservation program.

There, he has put in a sound-proof booth with windows all the way around, so that the employee can see everything, but is protected from the noise. She holds a master’s degree in science in environmental health with a specialty in health and safety from East Tennessee University and is a Certified Mine Safety Professional. Labels in different colors and shapes allow employees to easily identify whether the area requires no hearing protection, requires hearing protection, requires specialized hearing protection (NRR 30 and above), or requires dual hearing protection and limited exposure time. In cases where this is not possible, a noise barrier can be constructed, or planted, in the form of a dirt berm or a thick row of trees. If I put a driver in an older haul truck for eight hours, we’d probably be exceeding the allowable amount.

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