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Body piercings have become all the rage in the recent years more than ever, so if you are looking to get your first piercing or need a refresher for an addition, be sure to dive into these tips to help plan for your body piercing experience. Body piercing novice or junkie, a few basic steps for preparation combined with common sense can ensure the success of your body piercing by helping you make an informed decision for this very important procedure. Locating the body piercing business in your area that is the best suited person to handle your body piercing can require a little research. Even if you get a personal recommendation from a friend or colleague, be sure to do check out their credentials before your take the recommendation to heart. Visit their website and portfolio – finding out the complete list of services and business hours your chosen piercer performs will save you the disappointment of walking into a shop with high hopes, only to find out that piercer is not there or does not perform the particular type of piercing you want. Mind Your Timing : Many body piercers work under the same roof as tattoo artists, so it is a good idea to know when your piercer’s shift begins. Getting a body piercing, your first or your tenth, is one of the most exciting, heart pounding pleasures of the free world. With so many qualified body piercers available, you can choose the one that is best suited for you.
Piercers will tell you this, “Do not touch your piercing often.” You may open a wound that has already healed. Whilst there are many tips on how to care for your piercing, these are the ones that you should not forget.
Whilst the concept behind body piercings, and indeed body modification of any kind for that matter, is nothing new, when you consider some of the pretty extreme examples that are currently available, all of a sudden you realize just what an impact these modifications can have on our bodies, and indeed our personal lives and health for that matter. Scarring – First and foremost, one of the main things to consider when it comes to body piercings is the fact that these piercings can leave scars that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Tissue damage – Another risk associated with body piercings is the risk of damage to your soft tissue on your body. Pain – We all have different pain thresholds and tolerances, yet the one thing that we can all agree on, is the fact that, no matter what your pain threshold and tolerance may be, you obviously will not enjoy experiencing any type of pain or discomfort in the slightest. Infection – When you have your body pierced, you are literally making a hole in your body, which will then basically be an open wound. Personal problems – Let’s face it, although it isn’t really fair to judge a book by its cover, if a candidate walked in for a job interview at a bank, with several piercings in their face, there is a very strong possibility that they would not be hired, and if they were hired, they would not be allowed to wear their piercings. Eyebrow piercings are currently all the rage and have been steadily growing in popularity for the last two decades or so. Healing – Although there is no definitive answer as to how long it will take for an eyebrow piercing to fully heal, you can get a general idea of the average time by looking at other cases where the piercing has been carefully cared for and maintained.
Eyebrow piercing care and aftercare – Now we’ll take a look at some of the most common and effective ways of caring for your eyebrow piercing, and ensuring that it stands the best possible chances of being protected against migration or rejection.
Though piercings have been relatively common practice for literally hundreds upon hundreds of years, it’s probably safe to say that nowadays, piercings are more common and more popular than ever before, and when you see some of the fantastic options that are now available it’s easy to understand why as well.
Massage therapy – First and foremost, one of the most effective methods of treating piercing scars is to incorporate regular massage therapy sessions into your daily routine. Natural vitamin E liquid – When it comes to skin health, vitamin E is the daddy of all vitamins, which is why it is the primary ingredient in many skin care treatment products such as anti-wrinkle creams and moisturizers. Natural vitamins and minerals – Remember, your body heals itself when you’re injured, and that includes scars.
Silicone moisturizer – Silicone moisturizers are specially designed to keep the skin well hydrated, whilst forming a protective layer to prevent dirt, dust, and bacteria from penetrating the skin.
Ear piercings have been popular for literally hundreds upon hundreds of years, for a variety of different reasons. How to properly treat ear piercing infections – As mentioned, the main reason why some earrings cause pain and itching is because of an ear piercing infection, or the early onset of ear piercing infection.
Antibiotics – One of the best treatments for any infection is with the use of antibiotics, and that is especially apparent in the case of ear piercing infections. Home remedies – Home remedies are also very effective at dealing with these infections, when you select the right options of course. Ice cubes – Rubbing ice cubes on an infected ear piercing is also a great way of reducing painful swelling and itching. Preventive measures – Prevention is the best form of treatment for ear piercing infections, with some of the best preventive measures including: Washing hands thoroughly – As mentioned, one of the main causes of infection is bacteria making its way into open wounds, which is often a result of touching the piercing with dirty hands. In terms of popular body piercings, next to the ears, you may be surprised to learn that the tongue is actually the second most popular part of the body to have pierced. Know which symptoms to expect – Before you go any further, the first thing you need to do is to know exactly which symptoms to expect.
Ice for the swelling – Rather than sucking on entire ice cubes, which can be painful and uncomfortable, especially in the winter, it’s recommended that in order to help the initial swelling go down quicker, you should drink plenty of ice chips with iced water.
Avoid certain foods – Unless you want an especially nasty surprise when you next eat your dinner, you need to make sure that you avoid certain types of food, otherwise you run the risk of causing yourself a great deal of pain and discomfort. Always wash your hands – Before you handle your piercing for any reason, make sure that you thoroughly wash your hands using hot water and anti-bacterial soap. Rinse your mouth thoroughly – Bacteria thrive in conditions which are: warm, dark, and moist, and guess what? Clean the piercing itself – Another great way of caring for your tongue piercing is to use small cotton buds to clean it. A Did yours ever disappear properly or become much less visible?i»?marajay93: UPDATE PLEASE!! Knowing exactly what you want then finding the piercer best suited for it is the best way to go. You may be feeling antsy from all of the anticipation but it is important to allow your body to get the rest it requires to be at its best. While taking a few Advil to help with inflammation is one thing, showing up sloshed and smelling of alcohol to “numb” the pain will probably get you kicked out.
Although you may impulsively feel as if you should go do it now at the most convenient location or whoever is open, resist the urge and do your research. It is true that there are people the leave unproductive rants on Yelp but it is also true that there are productive, helpful reviews by honest people. Each piercer has their own proven method of recovery so don’t just assume you know what to do based on prior piercings or research. Although you piercer will provide you with specific instructions, the general rule of thumb for all wound healing is that the cleaner you keep it, the faster it will heal.
Do your research and plan ahead to ensure you get the most our of your experience as well as obtain a beautiful, healthy, long lasting piercing of your choice. Once you heal completely, the options in body jewelry to dress up your new piercing is almost infinite. You are like a soon-to-be mother excited at the prospect of having a precious little bundle of joy.

The average healing time of most piercings are six to eight weeks but others may take as long as six months.
Some people may think a piercing is something as simple as making a hole in the body, fitting a stud or earring, and then being on your merry way, but in reality, there are many risks and complications associated with body piercings that you must be aware of before you make the decision to have any part of your anatomy pierced.
Even though you may absolutely adore your piercing when you first have it done, several years down the line you may find yourself changing your mind, which could then result in you removing the piercing, and being left with a pretty noticeable scar in the process. This damage to the tissue can result in nerve damage, inflammation, swelling, tenderness, loss of feeling, and much more besides.
Another risk associated with body piercings is the fact that they could potentially cause you a great deal of pain and discomfort, and not just when you initially have the piercing done either.
As the open wound will be exposed, it will be vulnerable to a whole range of various bacteria and other contaminants that could potentially cause a pretty nasty infection. Some piercings can make it tougher to land jobs and job interviews, plus they may have negative personal impacts in other ways as they could make it tough to engage in sports or physical activities.
Whilst body piercings in general can be pretty tricky to care for and look after, eyebrow piercings in particular, are especially tricky due to the fact that they’re located so close to the eye, and that rejection rates amongst eyebrow piercings are pretty high. Generally speaking, it will take around 3 – 4 months for an eyebrow piercing to fully heal, inside and out, and so for that reason, obviously you’ll want to ensure that it is healed fully before you begin messing around with it too much. Use warm water and an anti-bacterial soap, carefully clean the area, using cotton wool or cotton wool buds, and ensure that you rinse it thoroughly using clean water once you’re finished. If you do insist on using a towel, ensure the towel is clean I.E fresh out of the washing machine.
If your piercing is itching, becoming swollen, and becoming tender, eyebrow hairs could be the cause, so take your time to pluck any visible ones near to the piercing itself.
Getting a piercing of any kind however, is not something that should just be done on a whim – a spur of the moment decision if you will, as there is a great deal of responsibility associated with piercings, due to the fact that they do require so much care and attention. Massage therapy has been found to greatly help to reduce the amounts of rigidity in and on, piercing scars. The reason for this is that vitamin E possesses a number of skin restoring and regenerating properties, which help to keep the skin soft, smooth, and healthy.
The healthier you are, the more efficiently your body will be able to heal itself, which is where natural vitamins and minerals come into the mix. For that reason, they are ideal for piercing scars so use these moisturizers as you would regular ones. Some people would opt to have their ears pierced for fashion reasons, whilst others would have it done for cultural and traditional reasons, or as a rite of passage perhaps.
To help to dramatically reduce the uncomfortable pain and itching associated with these infections, it is recommended that you treat the issue as soon as possible. Antibiotics will be prescribed by your local doctor, and, when taken regularly, should fight and clear up the infection within a matter of weeks. Non-iodized salt solutions are especially useful as they’re simple to mix, easy to apply, and work right away. To help keep bacteria out of piercings, keeping your hands clean is ideal, just make sure you use an anti-bacterial soap.
For example, for the initial 3 to 5 days, you can expect to see symptoms such as painful swelling, inflammation, bleeding, tenderness, and light bruising, along with increased sensitivity. Basically, every time you drink a glass of water, load it up with ice, sip on it, and swill it around your mouth slightly before swallowing. Spicy foods, extra salty foods, acidic foods, and even hot (temperature) foods can all cause stinging and burning sensations on, and around the piercing, so until your tongue piercing has fully healed, don’t risk it and stick with foods you know won’t irritate you. Even the slightest traces of bacteria can lead to infection, and an infected tongue piercing is no joke.
Yep, the human mouth fits that criteria perfectly, so it’s no wonder that the human mouth is a breeding ground for all types of different bacteria.
Take a teaspoon of natural sea salt, dissolve it in a little warm water, and, using the cotton bud, apply it liberally to your piercing on both the upper, and under-side of your tongue. Not all piercers perform all piercings, so be sure to decide what you want first, then find the expert for it, especially when it comes to genital or nipple piercings, surface piercings and other less common piercings.
This helps to ensure that your piercer is fresh for the day but so fresh that they have not had their coffee or time to set up their stations.
No matter who recommended your body piercer, never go a piercer that a ton of negative reviews about cleanliness and other alarming issues…after all, they can’t all be rantings. Make sure your body piercer has photos or testimonials of completely HEALED body piercings. Don’t just tell your piercer what type of piercing you want; do let them know if you plan on wearing a specific piece of jewelry or have desire look you are going for.
You can purchase cleansers specific for piercings with your piercer or order it online in advance.
Soak a clean gauze with saline solution and apply it to the area for five to ten minutes once or more per day.
Of course, 90% of the time, the piercings are performed by experts, using specialist materials and equipment, and they are also very well cared for and very well maintained in the process. Eyebrow piercings for example, leave very noticeable scars, and even if you adore the piercing and don’t decide to remove it, it may migrate or be rejected by the body, which will still leave you with a scar.
Again, if you have an eyebrow piercing, if that caused complications, these complications could then possibly result in damage to the tissue surrounding the eyes, which is obviously not very pleasant at all.
Often, the actual piercing itself isn’t that bad as you may have numbing creams and agents to help reduce the amount of pain you experience. All it takes is one dirty hand or finger to graze the piercing, and the bacteria could then invade your skin cells, taking them over and resulting in a very painful, very dangerous infection. Don’t worry however, because after around 6 weeks, most experts agree that you can change your jewellery and remove the piercing for routine cleaning and maintenance etc, although obviously you will need to ensure that you’re careful and that you aren’t too rough or heavy handed. Some piercings for example, may need to be removed entirely, or may be rejected by the body, due to infection, piercing migration, or simply down to the fact that the body, for whatever reason, decided that it wished to reject it. The reason for this is that studies have found that regular massage can help to greatly soften and break down scar tissue on, and around the piercing location. It has also been found to help promote natural collagen production within the body, which again assists with healing and restoration. To begin with, if you regularly eat junk food, cut right back and try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables which are all packed full of natural goodness.
Nowadays in the modern world, the main reason why people choose to have their ears pierced is for fashion reasons, in order to enhance their appearance.
Ear piercing infections are actually pretty common, and, whilst causing a number of pretty unpleasant side effects, it is not too serious or life threatening.
Failing to do so can only exasperate the condition and can lead to the infection spreading in other parts of the ear.

Removing earrings from infected piercings is also essential as failing to do so can hinder and slow down the healing process. Not only are they intended to enhance and improve our appearance, functioning as fashion accessories, they also allow us to express ourselves and make statements about who we are.
Allow the ice chips to melt inside your mouth and you’ll be amazed by just how quickly the swelling does in fact go down. For that reason, keeping your mouth as clean and as sterile as possible is absolutely essential. Bc I'm taking my spiderbites out and don't want to waste the little money that I have on something that doesn't do anything.. I am trying to make my one ear piecing close because i repeirced like right in front of it. Sometimes nerves have a tendency to upset the stomach, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to digest your last meal. Body Piercing shops often are limited in space and over crowding your body piercer’s working space is not ideal for best working conditions. Going at the end of a long day for your piercer is never a good idea- even the best piercer is human and will feel the affects of fatigue after a 12 hour shift. One thing to keep in consideration for negative reviews: be sure the review tells details about what was not good in terms of facts- if the reviews is based on pain of the piercing (duh, it’s gonna cause some level of discomfort) and the swelling following the first week, it is quite normal and it is possible that the reviewers’ expectation of the discomfort and healing process was misguided. All equipment, not just the piercing needle, should be clean and freshly packed in a medical grade autoclave bag. Sometimes however, people are negligent or just take shortcuts, which is just not a viable option for when it comes to piercings.
As time goes by however, if the piercing was to become infected or irritated, it could become incredibly painful, which would severely impact your way of life, in a decidedly negative manner. It may sound extreme, but there are plenty of people who have died as a result of infection complications regarding new body piercings, so as far as they go, don’t take any chances and be as clean and as hygienic as you possibly can. As the healing process can take up to four months on average, sometimes more, sometimes less, it is vital that you care for your piercing, which brings us onto the next part of our article.
If you are forced to permanently remove a piercing, you can be left with a pretty unsightly scar, or scars in the case of multiple piercings.
This helps to keep the scar nice and flat on the skin, preventing it from rising up and forming lumps and bumps, which can make the scar look even more unattractive and unsightly. Collagen helps to plump up the skin, making it firmer and fuller, so the more you have, the better.
Whilst a vast majority of ear piercings are absolutely fine, some have been known to cause pain, swelling, rashes, and itching in some instances.
Despite this, it must be treated as soon as possible in order to not only reduce the risk of further infections setting in, but to also reduce the risk of further complications and side effects as well. In regards to any piercing however, it’s absolutely vital that you take care of the piercing as best you can, that you always look after it carefully, you follow aftercare instructions, and above all else, you have your piercing performed by a fully trained and fully qualified professional with years of experience and access to the best quality tools and equipment that money can buy. You can make adjustments to your meal schedule to accommodate your appointment, however, try not to skip meals as an empty stomach can have you feeling faint and make you more susceptible to fainting.
By the way, keep this part in mind for later; if you love your piercing, be sure to come back to Yelp and leave an honest, endorsing review for your piercer.
It doesn’t matter how good a piercing looks when it is freshly pierced since swelling and healing are after the fact and none of it matters if everyone that was pierced had issues healing either due to technique, cleanliness, etc. The bag should look a bit warped from being exposed to extreme heat during the sterilization process. But no worries, just follow the pointers below to get that right result for your new found love of piercing. To help make you aware of the impacts and dangers associated with body piercings, here’s a look at a few of the main risks and dangers associated with body piercings. Sleeping could be painful, getting dressed could be painful, bathing could be painful, even walking or turning your head could be painful. As well as full blown rejection, eyebrow piercing migration is another common issue because the piercing has to be carried out exactly right in order for it to stand the best chance of being successful.
These scars are not especially attractive, they can leave people feeling self conscious, and they must be treated as soon as possible to help get them under control. You don’t need to see a specialist to have this type of massage therapy either, as it is very simple to do at home by yourself. Simply purchase some vitamin E liquid, and, each day, massage a small amount of the liquid onto your scar, and leave it for as long as possible. The immune system thrives on vitamins and minerals, and as the immune system will help assist with the natural healing process, you want it as fit and as healthy as possible. Children and teenagers are at a much higher risk of suffering from infection as their immune systems will not necessarily be running and functioning at full capacity, leaving their bodies more susceptible to infection. Put simply, if you’re away by the beach, or even in another country, and you see some shady little back alley shop offering cheap piercings, don’t even think about going inside and getting one as you will be putting your health at risk of infection, and besides which, chances are that they won’t know what they’re doing properly anyways, so not only will it look pretty poor, it probably won’t take, forcing your body to reject it anyways. When you spit the mouthwash down the sink, make sure you don’t then drink water afterwards as this will rinse it away much quicker.
This is why correct aftercare procedures are so important, yet even so, a healthy aftercare routine isn’t guaranteed to protect you entirely. If you’re thinking of undergoing an eyebrow piercing, or if perhaps, you’ve recently had your eyebrow pierced but are not sure about how it should be looked after and cared for, and how quickly it should take to heal, here we’ll be taking an in-depth look at eyebrow piercing aftercare and healing processes to help ensure that your eyebrow piercing stands the best possible chance of being successful. The good news is that it is very simple to treat piercing scars, when you know what you’re doing, which is why we’ve compiled this handy list of four helpful tips to help you treat piercing scars.
Simply grab yourself a good quality base oil such as coconut oil, almond oil, or olive oil, apply a generous amount onto, and around the piercing scar, and gently massage the entire area for around 15 minutes each day.
For the ultimate supplement stack, each day, try to consume 15 mg zinc, 100 mg of vitamin C, a multi-vitamin, and 2000 mg of beta-carotene. First and foremost, it’s vital that you choose a professional piercer that knows exactly what they’re doing, and has access to the right equipment. Say that you have had your tongue pierced by a pro, taking care of the piercing during the healing process is down to you, so take a look at these handy tips. This will help to reduce the size and prominence of the scar, and will prevent it from itching, becoming inflamed, and from aggravating you again in the future.
One of the main reasons why some earrings cause pain and itching however, is down to infection setting in, but what exactly is ear piercing infection, and what causes it?
Piercings are not all the same- if there is a particular look that you want, bring this visual representation for you piercer so they can see your ideal vision.

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