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Deciding on other factors: Once you have decided to go ahead with a lip piercing, you need to decide on the other things.
The actual Piercing: The thing is that a piercing actually involves a needle being stuck through the lip.
You can mark the exact spot you want pierced with a marker so that the piercer gets it right.
Caring for the piercing afterwards: Normally you will be told that the piercing will heal in about 6 weeks but this will happen only if you take good care. Do make sure that you do not remove the jewelry even if the piercing does not hurt.  Taking out the jewelry and leaving it out can cause the hole to close. Most workplaces do not approve of piercing do take that into consideration while getting it done.

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In most states if you are below 18 then you need to get consent from parents, but that too you have to be at least 16 years of age.
Since it is in a very sensitive area, you are better off with a good place that is neat and clean with an expert working on it.
These include as to how many piercing do you want; the number can go as high as somewhere between 5-7.

It depends on the experience and expertise of the piercer which will decide whether a clamp is used or not.  Once the clamp is placed the mark dot will be visible and the piercing will be done in a jiffy.
Wiccan is a member of the Young Avengers, a superhero team set in the fictional universe of Marvel Comics.
The fact is that more and more people are now wanting to get their lips pierced and it has become quite popular.
The process can be pretty fast and the use of sterilized implements and gloves while doing the piercing should ease your mind to a large extent. You could talk to other people who have had a lip pierced at a particular place to get a heads up.

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