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A new study (1) shows that vitamin D deficiency is associated with allergy in children to environmental items like pollen and pet dander, as well as food allergies like peanuts. Its important to note that very few foods naturally contain vitamin D, but that many common foods (like milk and orange juice) have it added in as a dietary supplement. Two new, large studies published in the New England Journal of Medicine confirm the hygiene hypothesis is related to kids who develop asthma and allergy.
But they also say that they feel confident that once we narrow down what these kids are exposed to that has a protective effect against allergy and asthma, they can make a vaccine to emulate it. Given that we are currently experiencing an explosion in the number of allergy and asthma cases in children, that would be a very important development. The world health organization currently recommends sublingual immunotherapy (aka allergy drops) in susceptible children to prevent the development of asthma. There is a growing epidemic in food allergies, environmental allergies, and asthma in children of industrialized countries. Unfortunately, many children with allergies are not diagnosed quickly or are under treated and frustrated parents often turn to the internet or alternative health providers for advice and treatment. Part of the problem is that parents, and sometimes pediatricians, aren't sure when to see and allergist. The reason you should beware alternative health providers is a lack of evidence to support their therapies.
Some argue that there are traditional therapies with centuries of history to back them up that some patients might find helpful but are discouraged doctors. Bottom line is that if the therapy has good evidence to support its use, there are doctors who are using the therapy. A new report published on line at the National Academy of Sciences notes that ragweed season was 29 days longer in 2009 than in 1996 and the change was longer the more north you go. We offer allergy treatment, asthma treatment, and sublingual immunotherapy aka allergy drops. In 1996, for my fellowship dissertation, I set up and ran the genetic lab at UCLA that looked at how we could make wounds heal without scars. We published the first paper that examined chemical signals emitted by cells during scarless wound healing to determine exactly which signals make a scarless wound and how that differs from regular wound healing.
It turns out that a side effect of performing surgery on babies in the womb to correct congenital problems is that those wounds heal completely without scars. To that end, researchers at my department at UCLA have just published a paper where they restore vocal cord function after after damage has left the patient with a severely hoarse voice.
The FDA had US marshalls confiscate all supplies of Auralgan for illegally marketing it even after warnings, which the maker ignored. Auralgan is a well-known, old fashioned ear medicine used for decades by ENT doctors to ease pain in patients with ear infections. It seems a well known trick in the pharmaceutical industry was used by the current maker of Auralgan to boost their profits. The end result, and likely intended by the maker, is that doctors continue to prescribe Auralgan thinking they're giving the patient a generic drug when actually its much more expensive. Where they got into trouble with the FDA is that they never applied for a new drug approval, which they are required to do, and continued to market Auralgan for ear infections and pain. Maybe the drug laws should be changed so that its illegal to re-formulate a brand-name drug. Bionic ears, known as cochlear implants, have been around since 1984 (did you know that?!). Coach Karl just announced he's been treated for throat cancer with radiation and is cancer-free after one year. Deficient children had a 2.4 times higher chance of allergy than kids with normal vitamin D levels. The body also makes a certain amount of vitamin D by itself when exposed to the sun, but its still recommended that we take some in our diets daily. The authors point out that there is a lot in the details that we still don't know, like exactly why kids who are raised in very sterile environments develop much more allergy and asthma than those who are raised in "dirtier" environments like farms. No one knows why for sure, though a leading theory is the Hygiene Hypothesis which states that being too clean (and possibly using too many chemicals to get there) prevents normal development of the immune system and instead leads to allergy and asthma. The mainstay of traditional medicine is reproducible evidence, which means that if one doctor can get good results with a certain treatment, other doctors using the same tools and methods should be able to get the same results in similar patients. Doctors are constantly looking for new and better ways to treat their patients, both because we want to improve our patients health, but also because we work in a competitive environment and want to be seen as offering the latest, best therapies.
I had a $50,000 grant from Sharplan laser company and tremendous manpower support from my department at UCLA, the Ear, Nose and Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery department, along with priceless time and counsel from Eri Srivatsan, PhD.
And its been determined that fibroblasts are the cells that emit chemical signals, called growth factors, which direct how a wound heals.
Working with a biotech company called Fibrocell, they took the patients' own fibroblasts from a cheek biopsy and injected the cells into the damaged vocal cords.
Its been around so long that it has a well established record of efficacy and safety as well as a generic form that is very inexpensive. Years ago, Destin Pharmaceuticals bought the rights to the name Auralgan and then proceeded to change its formulation essentially creating a new medicine altogether.
Well, the original formula has 3 ingredients; benzocaine and antipyrine (aka phenazone), both pain relievers, and glycerine which would help dry the ear and relieve infection and swelling which contribute to pain.
They then ignored warning letters by the FDA which led to involvement of law enforcement to confiscate the drug. Really, what purpose does it serve other than to decieve the buyer into thinking they're getting the old drug? Over the years they have become so good that virtually anyone can use them, the youngest patient to receive them was 6 months old, and the oldest in their 90's. Food and Drug Administration to help consumers compare the nutrient contents among products within the context of a total daily diet. And those methods must be well documented in studies before they are considered standard care. When a wound heals without a scar, called tissue regeneration, it replicates normal tissue instead of typical wound healing where abnormal scar tissue is made. Patients who have become rapidly deaf due to certain severe illnesses say they can barely tell the difference between their original hearing and what they experience with the implants.
Follow up care for this kind of cancer goes on for fiver years, after which a person is considered "cured" if no cancer returns by then.
Once the proper medical studies were done to show that acupuncture can provide reproducible results for certain kinds of pain, doctors began to use it as a standard therapy for those specific ailments. They substituted U polycosanol, a derivative of bees wax, for the glycerine, and added another commonly used ear medicine, acetic acid - aka vinegar- which helps get rid of infections. Food labels, however, are not required to list vitamin D content unless a food has been fortified with this nutrient.
But, claims that acupuncture works for other ailments not proven in medical studies, such as for allergies, cannot be supported. It wouldn't just be prettier tissue without scars, but potentially normally functioning organs like regenerating normal heart tissue after a heart attack.
Foods providing 20% or more of the DV are considered to be high sources of a nutrient, but foods providing lower percentages of the DV also contribute to a healthful diet. There are literally hundreds of biotec companies now working on this promising line of therapy and Fibrocell is just one of them. Retinitis pigmentosa is a disease that destroys cells in the retina causing progressive blindness.
The new Auralgan sells for $150.00 and it doesn't do anything significantly different than the original formula (plus, the U polycosonal is untested in ear infections). Although the visual results are currently very rudimentary, and no where near normal vision, that's likely to change. It took about 20 years to develop the cochlear implant, hopefully the artificial retina will improve even faster.

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