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Long, loud and colourful displays of fireworks are a long-standing tradition and an integral part of CNY celebrations. In addition to the more exotic pollutants common parameters measured via the air quality index are also exacerbated by fireworks, particulate matter PM2.5, PM10, Nitrogen dioxide (NO2), Carbon monoxide (CO), Sulphur dioxide (SO2) and Ozone (O3) are all expected to spike over the holiday. On February 3rd, China’s environment watchdog demanded local governments take measures during the lunar New Year celebrations to lessen pollution caused by fireworks. With rising humidity and weak winds forecast, the authority fears that firework displays will significantly worsen pollution if the public light up too many. One of the cornerstones of the 3Fs of the Chinese New Year celebrations (Feasts, Fireworks and Family gatherings), the tradition of fireworks over China’s biggest holidayis not about to erode in the foreseeable future. Whatever your plans for this Chinese New Year, the PureLiving team sends your ou warmest wishes for the oliday. This entry was posted in Events, Uncategorized and tagged chinese new year, fireworks, fireworks air quality, fireworks and pollution, fireworks chemicals, year of the goat.
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The celebrations, however, come with a price – and we don’t just mean the morning after one too many baijius. The loud noise and bright colours are supposed to ward off evil spirits and bad luck for the year to come, allowing families to start anew.
The high humidity can suspend the pollutants in the air, couple that with low winds and the “mist” created by fireworks will not disperse quickly.
Although difficult to resist venturing outside to witness the spectacle, one of the best preventive measures is to stay indoors with your air purifiers turned on high.
By this hour, if not already asleep (unlikely, with the barrage of explosives outside your window!), keeping purifiers on high, limiting outdoor air infiltration and wearing a N95 or above rated mask when out will enable you to enjoy the displays whether indoors or out, and soak up some of the exuberant Chinese New Year spirit.
While the colours may be dazzling and the noises scary enough for the evil spirits, the astounding and what seems interminable amount of fireworks leave more in their wake than good luck, ringing eardrums and environs inundated in red confetti and smoke.
Beijingers have shown displeasure at their city government’s urging a reduction in firecrackers over the coming holiday.
Windows and balcony doors should remain closed throughout the evening to limit the infiltration of outdoor air. The N99 filter layer is combined with active carbon filter layer for protecting from odours and ozone. What we can do is stay safe, keep our indoors healthy so we and our families can breathe clean air, and if participating in the celebrations, do so responsibly.

Watch this : 'Smog Journeys' by award-winning filmmaker Jia Zhangke PureLiving Consultants now China's first Certified Indoor Environmentalists! Depending on the effect sought, fireworks produce smoke and dust that contain various heavy metals, sulphur-coal compounds and other noxious chemicals.
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Copper compounds are used to produce blue colours, even though they contain dioxin, which has been linked to cancer. This app is so easy to use, so you’ll find your favourite soundbite in no time!With Tick Tock You can explore the sounds clocks ticking, alarms buzzing, bells ringing and more!What are you waiting for? Cadmium, lithium, antimony, rubidium, strontium, lead and potassium nitrate are also commonly used to produce different effects, even though they can cause a host of respiratory and other health problems.

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