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Your ears are ringing after using regular headphones to monitor sound during a loud recording session, show, or rehearsal. We highly recommend getting your Ultraphones with the carrying case so you never have to wrap the cord around the phones for storage. When I left England in 1986 the warning signal on an emergency vehicle was a loud ringing bell sound but this has been replaced by an ear-piercing high-pitch squealing electronic alarm signal. I know that a siren alarm must sometimes be used in an emergency but I think that very often they are sounded unnecessarily by insensitive policemen who want to rule the road.
This state of affairs might be improved if the drivers using these sirens were forced to make an official record of every time they are used and a valid reason.
Michael, where is your evidence of police vehicles "turn on their squealing sirens just to let them cross at the red, even when there is no emergency."?

I have just moved in to Camden town and my first night was woken by 5 police sirens on a Sunday night.
Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.Lines and paragraphs break automatically. You've probably noticed when using regular headphones in a loud environment, you have to turn the volume up very high just to hear them over the roar of sound that surrounds you. They eliminate the need for excessive headphone volume levels by reducing the amount of environmental sound reaching your ears by an amazing 29db. I left in the Thatcher years of austerity and cuts, and find myself back for more of the same.
Whenever I hear one approaching as I’m walking in the street I have to put my fingers in my ears until they have passed, so painfully loud is the sound.

I had the worst night's sleep ever and became very emotional at the thought that I had just signed a 6 month lease! If you already suffer from tinitus or other hearing damage, as many musicians do, UltraPhones can help protect the precious hearing you have left. Rather than wait at the traffic lights, many police vehicles turn on their squealing sirens just to let them cross at the red, even when there is no emergency.
First, your ear drums are getting pounded by the loud environmental sounds, then on top of that you add excessively loud headphones placed directly over your ears!

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