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Our home is our little nest and surely is where we can have some peace from the tumult of life. The sound made by the Krakatoa volcanic eruption in 1883 was so loud it ruptured eardrums of people 40 miles away, travelled around the world four times, and was clearly heard 3,000 miles away. At 500 meters, 155 db you would experience painful, violent shaking in your entire body, you would feel compressed, as though deep underwater. Q: I would watch old Miami Dolphin tapes, and sometimes Don Schula and the Dolphins sidelines would have to tell the fans to quiet down. Qwest Field has earned a reputation as one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL.[9] Allen had the architects design the structure of the stadium, especially the partial roofs, to direct as much crowd noise as possible on the field. During the 2005 NFC Championship Game against the Carolina Panthers, the decibel level recorded by Fox Sports telecast producers reached 137 dB. Q: The Miami Dolphins with a record 0-13 do have a chance to beat the undefeated New England Patriots. Secondly, there's this girl that works at the place that Nick and I go to every Saturday night, and she is obsessive about the Pats.
Q: Right now I think the Miami Hurricanes can beat the Miami Dolphins, and that isn't a joke. If they play against Baltimore or New England, do they have a chance to make if far or get beat in the first round. A: no it is way to difficult to go 0-16 or 16-0 the Dolphins will win and the Pats will lose. Q: Miami has won miami miami has won miami miami has won miami has won dolphins WONNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These pieces of information are helpful to analysts, because they can maximize the potential of a certain player or even the whole team. Home to the Sacramento Kings, the Sleep Train Arena is said to have had the loudest crowd roar of all time. This arena is definitely one of the loudest of them all, and therefore rightfully nicknamed “Loud City”.
The sound level of a chain saw or a jet engine, released in one of these arenas can pump adrenaline levels to maximum and provide for an unforgettable experience, for both fans and the players. For more than a year, scientists at Oregon State University's Hatfield Marine Science Center deployed a hydrophone in 50 meters of water just off the coast of Newport, Ore., so they could listen to the natural and human-induced sounds emanating from the Pacific Ocean environment. There are ships, including container shipping traffic, commercial fishers and recreationalists. The year-long study of noise, which was published in the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, was supported by the Department of Energy, the Oregon Wave Energy Trust, NOAA and OSU.
Scientists must know what naturally occurring sounds exist, and at what levels, so when new sounds are introduced, there is some context for evaluating their intensity and impact. After combing through an entire year of data, they determined that Oregon's low-frequency noise budget is often dominated by the constant sounds of breaking surf. Haxel said the OSU researchers also recorded numerous vocalizations of fin whales and humpback whales, but a startling omission was that of gray whales, one of the most common West Coast whales. Haxel compared his data on Oregon sounds to a handful of studies in the literature associated with high-energy environmental conditions to see how the region fared.
Oregon noise levels were similar to other regions for frequencies above 100 Hz, Haxel said, but rose sharply for frequencies affected by surf-generated noise a€“ generally below 100 Hz. Blue whale vocal behavior is affected by man-made noise, even when that noise does not overlap the frequencies the whales use for communication, according to new research published Feb.
Concern is growing that human-generated noise in the ocean disrupts marine animals that rely on sound for communication and navigation.

Some blue whales off the coast of California change their behavior when exposed to the sort of underwater sounds used during U.S. A PhD student from the Department of Physics who recently returned from a trip to lay microphones on the ocean floor off the west coast of Canada is warning of the dangers to marine life from increased ocean noise. Chloride plays a key role in the formation of the basement membrane, a suprastructure on the outside of cells that undergirds and guides the function of most of the tissues of the body. A team led by Rice University bioengineering researchers has decoded the mechanism that some bacteria use to make life-or-death decisions during extremely tough times. Tuna fishers who network with their competition may be able to stop thousands of sharks a year from being accidentally captured and killed in the Pacific Ocean.
Humans have changed the world's oceans in ways that have been devastating to many marine species. Well, if you want to listen the loudest noises in the World ever recorded, give a look to this interactive infographic. If you're in Boston and someone tells you that they heard a sound coming from New York City, you're probably going to give them a funny look.
On Reddit, a user details how loud a Saturn V rocket is and what the effects would be at different distances.
Your vision would blur, breathing would be very difficult, your eardrums are obviously a lost cause, even with advanced active noise cancelling protection you could experience permanent damage.
In addition, the north end zone seating, called the "Hawks Nest", was specifically designed for rowdy fans; the seating consists of metal bleachers which reflect sound, and fans often stomp to create even more. I think it would be ironic if the only win the Dolphins had was against the Patriots and that was the Patriots only loss. With three games left, do you see them winning at least one game against the Baltimore Ravens, New England Patriots, and the Cincinnati Bengals.
And altough teams like Baltimore and New England are very good the Dolphins have shown that they are a good team and are ready to play this year. What also influences a player’s performance are the conditions of the arena in which the match is taking place. The noise level of the arena reached a powerful 110 decibels in volume once, which is comparable to the noise of a chain saw. To be one of the record-breakers, all you need are some NBA tickets and a lot of enthusiasm. There are environmental sounds, from waves pounding the beach, to sounds generating by heavy winds. The research was carried out in support of OSU's Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center and will play an important role in determining whether testing of wave energy devices off the Oregon coast may have environmental impacts. First, the equipment must withstand the rugged Pacific Ocean, so the OSU researchers deployed the hydrophone near the seafloor in about 50 meters of water so violent winter storms wouldn't destroy the instrumentation.
Even at 50 meters below the surface, the hydrophone picked up sound from the wind a€“ but not in the way one might think.
A small tweak to the genetic makeup of a mostly mild strain of influenza can give rise to the next pandemic. At very close range, the sound from the Saturn V measures an incredible 220 db, loud enough to melt concrete just from the sound. This is the sort of sound level aircraft mechanics sometimes experience for short periods of time.
The Saturn V sound is ~170 db at 100 meters away while the Krakatoa explosion was that loud 100 miles away! Seahawks fans already had a reputation for being among the most vociferous in the NFL; while they played in the Kingdome, opposing teams often practiced with rock music blaring at full blast to prepare for the often painfully high decibel levels typical of Seahawk games.

The loudness of the fans across the arena, and the sound levels within can have a large impact on the game itself.
After several attempts, their noise meter recorded a staggering 126 decibels of sound volume.
With the help of a roaring crowd, Oklahoma City Thunder could cut through their opponents and possibly reach the no. The noise levels recorded were at around 110 decibels, which is comparable to a jet take-off.
And there are biological sounds, especially the vocalizations of blue whales and fin whales.
They focused on low-frequency sounds, where the majority of noise emitted by wave energy converters is expected to occur.
It wasn't the howling of the wind that was noticeable, Haxel said, but the ensuing waves, known as "whitecaps" or "wind chop," and the clouds of bubbles that were injected into the water column. An equally small change to the same strain in a different setting can fade it into obscurity. What we're talking about here is like being in Boston and clearly hearing a noise coming from Dublin, Ireland.
Survival chance from sound alone, minimal, you would certainly experience permanent deafness but probably also organ damage. And when you even mention them, she starts whooping and hollering and literally shouting, saying, "They're the best f****** team ever! Got Dansby on defense now and have a stud receiver or will it be another average 7-8 win total for the fins?
Furthermore, experts can now even anticipate whether a player is going to go left or right. What is remarkable is that the loudness of the cheering fans in Medison Square Garden has the decibel level equal to a concorde take-off. This is equal to the sound of an ambulance siren, which is 1 trillion times louder than the weakest sound humans can hear.
The kind of support that the Jazzmen might get this fall could positively influence the outcomes of their matches. David Lee, together with Curry, will definitely evoke much more loudness from their fans in the upcoming Warriors games. Travelling at the speed of sound (766 miles or 1,233 kilometers per hour), it takes a noise about 4 hours to cover that distance. The air temperature would drop significantly, perhaps 10-25 degrees F, becoming suddenly cold because of the air being so violently stretched and moved. This alone is enough to intimidate the opposing players just enough to make a few critical mistakes. Painful to the opponent, Sacramento Kings have their fans to thank to for pumping up the atmosphere and making them put in that extra amount of effort to take the triumph. Though not the loudest, their fans are hugely supportive, and it’s only a matter of time when they’ll be louder than a thunder.

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