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After launching our first fashion jewellery and hair accessories retail store in April 2010, Lovisa can now be found in 10 countries throughout the world with over 230 stores. Lovisa was created out of a need for current fashion jewellery at an accessible price point.
The Lovisa customer has refined taste and she understands the importance of the perfect accessory.

Queen Lovisa of Sweden is dressed in a van Dyck revival costume with triangular fringed ruff and cuffs and a basque bodice in this Borklund portrait. We have become a first stop shop for the fashion forward to get their on-trend accessories fix. Our trend spotting department in London take inspiration from high fashion couture runways and current street style.

The keen-eyed design team at Lovisa Australia uses a wide range of materials and expert finishing techniques to deliver fashion forward designer jewellery and hair accessories.

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