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If you would like to know what your child or adult loved one is experiencing with their hearing loss, the first step is to understand more about their hearing loss. The audiogram below contains drawings depicting typical sounds and where they fall on the audiogram.  Jet planes, for instance, are loud, high decibel, high frequency, sounds while wind rustling leaves is a much lower decibel sound. Show your friends and family what sounds you have difficulty distinguishing between and hearing on the below audiogram with the speech banana.  This can help them learn to say certain sounds a little louder, or speak into your better hearing ear or to speak directly in front of you so that you can help determine what they are saying. This site is not designed to and does not provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion, treatment or services to you or to any other individual. This sample audiogram can help you understand what your own audiogram shows about your hearing loss.
Meniere’s Disease, also known as Endolymphatic Hydrops, is an inner ear disorder that is caused by an overproduction or underproduction of endolymphatic fluid found within the cochlea or inner ear. As a result of the pressure changes of the inner ear, fluctuating low frequency hearing loss occurs, which can become permanent and worsen over time. The exact cause of Meniere’s Disease is unknown, however there several factors that may contribute to it. Gentamycin: A steroid injection applied across the eardrum to the inner ear to help resolve some of the symptoms. Hearing Aids will help to improve audibility and localization of sounds in one’s every day listening situations. Labyrinthectomy, removal of the inner ear, and a Chemical Labyrinthectomy, a drug used to destroy the vestibular (balance) system, may be recommended however only as a last resort. We have 3 locations in Calgary: North, North West and South and an office in each Okotoks, Cranbrook and Creston, and Invermere, British Columbia. Sound is a pressure wave and is the result of molecules impacting upon each other, caused for example by objects hitting each other (such as a hammer onto an anvil) or from objects vibrating (such as our vocal chords). Many decades ago hearing tests were carried out on several hundred young adults with anatomically healthy ears by measuring the faintest level of puretone signal each could hear, measured in dBSPL. Note 2: As shown in the graph above, young adults with healthy ears can typically hear between 20Hz (very low pitch) to 20,000Hz (very high pitch), but as we grow older this range narrows, especially from the high frequency end. It would be quite confusing to use a graph like this to base every other test upon, so a flat graph called an Audiogram was produced (shown below). A typical test result is shown below, on an Audiogram which also shows where typical speech sounds occur.
This audiogram shows a client with good low frequency hearing and mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss.

The circle on the left shows that the client is hearing louder vowels sounds normally, but the circle on the right shows they are missing the quieter consonant sounds, which are needed for clarity of speech. Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. A child may be able to hear certain low frequency sounds such as [m] but not hear higher frequency sounds such as [s] and [sh] even with the use of hearing aids.  Missing those sounds may change their understanding of what is being said. Through this site and linkages to other sites, we provide general information for educational purposes only.
Someone with mild hearing loss may only have trouble hearing birds or understanding conversation. Because the hearing loss occurs more in the low frequencies, it becomes difficult for people to hear low pitched sounds.
However, further testing by an Ear-Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist is necessary to confirm this diagnosis.
Sound therefore requires a molecular medium to pass through, and the sound is heard until the energy fades out (this fade through air is halved every doubling of distance and is known as the inverse square law).
This then gave an average minimum threshold of hearing for people with good hearing in which to measure other people against. Hearing tests are typically limited between 250Hz-8000Hz being that this is the range of speech. This client will therefore perceive that people are not speaking clearly – a clear sign of early stage hearing loss.
The information provided in this site, or through linkages to other sites, is not a substitute for medical or professional care, and you should not use the information in place of a visit, call consultation or the advice of your physician or other healthcare provider. The increased pressure can break through the membranes to the inner ear and cause an abnormality in the chemical make-up of the fluid. The graph also shows the average upper threshold of hearing where sounds are considered uncomfortable (but not painful) – which is on average 120dBHL.
Other symptoms of Meniere’s Disease include roaring tinnitus, sudden and spontaneous vertigo (dizziness), and pressure changes in the ears. People with this form of hearing loss may struggle to hear lower male voices and other sounds that fall into the low frequency category. Hearing loss of this type may be mild, moderate, severe or profound, and it tends to take its toll on communication. Since hearing other people and interacting with them is such an important part of life, learning how to manage this type of hearing loss is very important.

If you suffer from low frequency hearing loss, you should know that there is nothing to be afraid of.
While a formal diagnosis of low frequency hearing loss may be very upsetting, it is certainly not the end of the world. By using the right treatments for your hearing problem, you may begin to experience improvements in hearing that allow you to connect more easily with others (the way that you used to). People who choose the proper treatment for their low frequency hearing loss symptoms enjoy better relationships, more career success, and more self-confidence in social situations, such as parties or business meetings. Treatment for Low Frequency Hearing Loss Coping with this type of hearing loss begins with the right natural treatment.
The best holistic treatment, the Hearing Fix, works by strengthening healthy nerves in the inner ear to boost all remaining hearing. This commonsense treatment is successfully achieved through an ideal blend of vitamins, minerals, and active botanicals. Instead of spending a fortune on hearing aids that may not be covered by your medical insurance, why not choose the affordable Hearing Loss Pill formula today? By taking these dietary supplements, according to the package directions, you’ll give you access to the best organic hearing loss treatment available in the world today, and you’ll be able to enjoy better hearing, even at very low frequencies.
The Hearing Fix assists in optimizing nerve function between the ear and the brain (make the hearing nerves in the ear work better), as well as stopping harmful molecules from causing more damage to the inner ear.
This supplement is even powerful enough to limit or prevent hearing loss from exposure to noise. As a treatment and as a preventative measure, the Hearing Fix is truly second to none… By giving the body access to the ultimate essential compounds for optimum hearing, this formula corrects deficiencies that may be contributing to low frequency hearing loss.
The makers of this product are inner ear experts, and they’ve worked hard to create an all-natural formula that reduces tinnitus, boosts hearing in all registers, and prevents further hearing loss.
This multipurpose product is the perfect treatment plan, and it will never cause any adverse symptoms or side effects. No matter what the causes of your low frequency hearing loss are, you’ll find that the Hearing Fix is the answer to your prayers.

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