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In this article from one of my newsletters I feature Lycopodium clavatum, an utterly magnificent remedy. Justaposed with this lack of self-confidence is a desire for power, which can manifest as bullying behavior in children.
Case of 87 woman: This is the case of an elderly woman whom I saw recently for swelling and redness of her lower legs, worse on the right side, with pain on walking. I presented these two cases to show how Lycopodium can be of great benefit to anyone who presents with the Lycopodium clavatum guiding symptoms. Buy homeopathic single remedies, cell salts, combo products, pellets, tablets and homeopathy kits. Rxhomeo Homeopathy Family Kit and Rxhomeo Homeopathy Children's Kit can be found in the Rxhomeo Family Kits section.
Homeopathic combo products for age related ailments like prostatitis, osteoporosis and enlarged prostate. The most commonly used homeopathic combo products for conditions like arthritis, muscular pains and colic pains are Rhus tox, Bryonia, for fevers Belladonna, Arsenic alb and Eupatorium, for cuts and wounds Arnica, Calendula and Hypericum, for headache Belladonna and Gelsemium, for burning urination Cantharis and Apis, Berberis Vulgaris for renal colic and renal stones. This category features our homeopathic combo products for ailments such as forgetfulness, stammering, anger management etc.
Homeopathic combo products for respiratory complaints such as Blatta Orientalis for Asthma, Antimonium Tartaricum for bronchitis, Ipecac for cough are featured in this category. This is our most important category which features a wide selection of OTC homeopathic single remedies which are available in various potencies, sizes and formats. Natural Medicines have evolved gradually as the human civilization progressed from pre-historic period till the modern day era, catering to the needs of human health & wellness. In the late 1700s, a German physician and chemist Samuel Hahnemann, proposed a new approach in treating illness & Homeopathy emerged as an alternative medical system. Homeopathic products can be purchased from homeopathic stores or homeopathic pharmacies as OTC (over the counter) medications. All information contained on this site, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, are for informational purposes only. Rxhomeo, the online homeopathic stores is the safest and most reliable source of homeopathy remedies and homeopathy related information. When it proves dangerous, narcotic symptoms, such as prolonged stupor and convolusions, are evident.
Nux Vomica: The seeds from an evergreen tree, which contain brucine and strychnine, are used to make Nux vomica. Despite serious safety concerns, Nux Vomica is used for diseases of the digestive tract, disorders of the heart and circulatory system, diseases of the eye and lung disease. Lycopodium: Also called grape vine, this is a kind of club moss found in tropical areas and mountains. It is a chief homeopathic remedy for bloating of flatulence, abdomen and several stomach related troubles such as colic dysentery, constipation, dyspepsia, indigestion and heartburn.
Lycopodium helps when you have a sensation of pressure over the left side of the abdomen, pressure in stomach. Lycopodium Clavatum is also known (or spelled) as Club Moss, Lycopodium, Lycop, Lycopod, Lycopod. Natrum Phosphoricum is also known (or spelled) as Phosphate Of Sodium, Natrum Phos, Nat Phos, Nat.
Homeopathic medicines Carbo Veg, Lycopodium, China and Nux Vomica lead the homeopathic table in treating this problem. The patient needing homeopathic phosphorus for heartburn will complain about burning pains felt in the abdomen. More Related Posts:What are the Causes of Pain in Lower Right Abdomen?How Gastric and Anemia are related?
Disclaimer: Health Dummy website is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical advice.
This case history shows how Homoeopathic treatment resolves the gross pathological changes in an individual with marked manifestations forming an exact portrait of signs and symptoms. This lady presented with heat in palms and soles and headache in right temporal region better after vomiting along with severe burning during urination, painful menses with premenstrual engorgement of breasts before and during menses.
She was much restless, anxious, but thirstless, constipated with no urging for four to five days, hard, dry stool. Had severe burning during urination, premenstrual engorgement of breasts before and during usually always painful menses. She was multiparous, normotensive, normoglycemic, irritable, confused, introvert and dull lady.
Based on history of renal stones and mental as well as physical generals, Lycopodium seems to be the remedy of choice as it covers all the miasms present in this case. Nice presentation and working with the miasms, do u also include the other miasms in ur study?
Kidney stones or Renal calculi, are solid pieces of material that forms in the kidney out of substances in the urine.
Different types of kidney stones occur in different parts of the world, and dietary factors probably play a part in determining the varying patterns. Homeopathic treatment of kidney stone – Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. Berberis Vulgaris, Ocimum Can, Lycopodium, China Sulph, Sarsaparilla, Pareira B, Calcaria Carb, Urtica Urens, Natrum Phos, Terebinthina, Belladonna, Dioscorea, Cantharis, Millefolium, causticum and many other medicines. Allopathic treatment of kidney stones – mainly include intravenous hydration followed by frusemide may help in small stone to pass spontaneously.
Indications: A homeopathic combination pack with two single remedies, Conium Maculatum and Sabal Serrulata for the treatment of enlarged prostate.
Sabal Serrulata: Sabal Serrulata has marked action on treatment of enlarged prostate or prostate hypertrophy and prostatitis.
Diabetes is a systemic disease which is characterized by an inability to produce insulin, with its respective hyperglycemia. In my clinical observation, significant number of diabetic patients had a history of liver disease in the past, before the onset of diabetes. Maybe your point regarding the liver works with some enzymes diminishing lipoproteins and tryglicerids. Patients. Do you repertorize your patients' rubrics or prefer to prescribe their remedies according to their keynotes? Yes, In personal opinion, I think the best way to treat our patients with DM is diminishing the dosis of the conventional medicine BUT progresively. If you see a patient with predominantly right-sided symptoms than Lycopodium is definitely a remedy to consider.
Some people display the lack of confidence aspect of the remedy more, and other peope the domineering and bullying aspect more, and other people teeter totter between the two aspects. His emotional symptoms were: grumpiness, whininess, impatience, arguing and complaining a lot. Products of highest quality are shipped from our FDA registered facility to any location in the United States.

All single remedies are conveniently categorized in the Single Remedies section which you can order in any potency or size you want.
Cell Salts such as Calcarea Fluorica, Calcarea Phosphorica and Kali Phosphoricum are available and can be found in the category called Cell Salts. You can check out the offerings, for instance by visiting the categories page for Digestive Health if you are looking for homeopathic treatment for Gas Relief. Please follow the easy navigation and place your orders for all our single homeopathy remedies and cell salts in low to high potencies and various size options. These combo’s include homeopathy single remedies like Conium, Sabal Serrulata, Calcarea Flourica. Schusslers 12 tissue salts can be found here, which are useful for various conditions like: Calcarea Flour for bone deformities, Calcarea Phos helps in bone development, Ferrum Phos for anemic conditions, Kali Mur for ear pains, Kali Phos for neuritis, Kali Sulph for dandruff and acne, Magnesia Phos for Colic pains, Natrum Mur for headaches, Natrum Phos for acidity and Silicea for acne, fistulas and abscesses etc.
In this category you will find combos with homeopathic remedy Cina for treating worms, Chamomilla and Calcarea carb for easy dentition, Equisetum for bed wetting, and Calcarea Iodata for adenoids and so on.
Combos include homeopathic single remedies like Eupharasia for conjunctivitis and Staphysagria for styes. We created combos with single homeopathic remedies like Pulsatilla, Sepia and Ignatia for ailments common in ladies.
These combos include homeopathic single remedies like Anacardium for forgetfulness, Stramonium for stammering, Argentum Nit for examination fear, Chamomilla for controlling anger and so on. You can use the easy navigation at the bottom of every product page or use the search option given on the top.
When human civilizations were not blessed with the science & technological advancements, then also natural remedies were in existence to help human beings to stay alive & healthy in hostile environments. The term homeopathy comes from the Greek words homeo, meaning similar, and pathos, meaning suffering or disease. We have hands on experience of operating real life homeopathy stores & homeopathy pharmacy, supervised by experienced & qualified experts and our products comply stringent quality measures.
It is not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professionals or any information contained on or in any product packaging or labels.
Pasque flower, a dried herb of the plant, which grows above the ground is dried and is used to as medicine.  It is generally used to treat painful conditions. Gastritis symptoms such as stomach pain, heartburn, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can be relieved with Nix vomica. The intake of lycopodium helps relieve gastritis symptoms such as indigestions, belching, stress and bloating. Aresenicum album is to treat patients with burning pains felt in the stomach and food backing up into the esophagus.
Previously worked for different software companies like TCS, MSS, EDIS etc, before landing in Teaching job. The information provided on this site should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease.
The careful case taking and correct analysis of collected data leads the physician to easily recognize the remedy and the result is always miraculous.
Since Lycopodium is covering not only miasms but also mental as well as physical symptoms, 200 c is the potency of choice. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach.
If symptoms do not improve in 4 days or worsen, discontinue use and seek assistance of a health professional * As with any drug, if you are pregnant or nursing a baby seek professional advise before taking this product * Keep this and all medicine out of reach of children * Store in a cool dark place * Do not use if cap seal is broken or missing * Close cap tightly after use. Diabetic patients tend to have complications such as hiperosmolar condition due to lost electrolytes, and basically problems at the neural level (diabetic neuropathy) and complications in eyes, kidneys, lower limb and vascular system.
You know, when these lipids are increased then the receptors for insulin are going to be diminished with its outcome hyperglycemia. Have you cured most of your patients completely or controlled them along with allopathic medicines ? Unfortunately, in acute flare ups of the chronic disease I have not seen big changes using only the deeper remedies, therefore, in those cases I use the most characteristic symptoms (Keynotes) to choose a remedy, later I keep on using the deeper remedy (sorry, but is how i have found better results). In case of type II, Only 15 % of my patient reach not to use conventional medicine (only homeopathy), the other percentage reach to use only a minimal dosage of ther conventional medicine (optimization). Because it delivers healing when administered to a person who has the Lycopodium  characteristics, regardless of age or gender.
It also makes itself known in performance and anticipatory anxiety, which are well-known features of Lycopodium. He had a tendency to worry, a fear of getting physically hurt, fear of the dark, fear of being alone, anxiety about upcoming events. Likewise, we have combos with Staphysagria and Caladium to treat ailments related to men’s health. Human intelligence found its own way out to use herbs & other natural elements which can help them curb their physical distress by random trials & errors. Homeopathy seeks to stimulate the body's defense mechanisms and processes so as to prevent or treat illness.
According to Homeopathic doctors & researchers, homeopathy medicines enhance the capacity of natural healing & natural cures in a human body.
But it is always advisable that you should consult homeopathic doctors for homeopathic treatments as they can prescribe the best homeopathic remedy suitable for you. Our goal is to promote homeopathy online so that the benefit of homeopathy reaches people globally. Information and statements regarding healthcare products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Heartburn and bloating are two common symptoms that can be effectively treated by Pulsatilla.
Veratrum album is a natural treatment for gastritis and it can relieve most symptoms of gastritis such as hiccups after consuming hot drinks, belching, belching after eating, mucus ejection when burping, vomiting, terrible hunger and great thirst.
Veratrum album in minute doses, is efficient in bowel disorders, with gushing, watery diarrhea with spasmodic or cramp-like action of the intestines, cold face, and sunken eyes. A very common characteristic of the individual needing carbo vegetablis, is that they have a great desire for fresh air or for being fanned during attacks. She had right temporal headache with amelioration by vomiting for seven years along with heat in palms and soles. Though, Pulsatilla and Calcarea carb were also indicated in this case, the history of renal calculi and desires for food worked as keynote and the total miasmatic coverage by a single remedy resulted is this perfect cure. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering.
Similarly take the second remedy after a gap of 30 minutes, make sure to remember the sequence. When I think more about the homeopathic approach in DM, it is always good to go ahead with constitutional approach. Further evidence of the lack of self-confidence are fear in new situations or a fear of undertaking new things. In some people it shows up as low energy in the afternoon, a need to take a snack at that time, or as tiredness after lunch.

The regular product pages offer only few options, but from here you can order some additional potencies and large professional packs and extremely competitive rates. According to the renowned homeopaths, homeopathy works fast when your conditions are diagnosed properly, and subject experts can only do so.
Your continued access or use of the site shall be deemed your acceptance of all our terms and conditions. When there is an inflammation of the inner lining of the stomach, many stomach and digestive problems start in kids, adults and older people. It also relieves other symptoms including depression, loss of appetite, diarrhea, white coating on tongue and greasy taste in the mouth. Belching and vomiting of undigested food are characteristic of the person needing phosphorus. If you have or suspect you may have a health problem, you should consult your health care provider. Now she had developed bland piles for a few months with dry hard stool and sluggish rectum. The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat kidney stone but to address its underlying cause and individual susceptibility.
The selected remedy or therapeutic method will work in DM but as you stop allopathy drug they will come up with symptom again.
Large packs such as 100 grams and 450 grams apart from our regular 4 dram and 1 ounce pack sizes. Homeopathic practitioners select remedies according to a total picture of the patient, including not only symptoms but lifestyle, emotional and mental states, and other factors. You should not also discontinue homeopathy treatment suddenly without your homeopathy doctor’s advice. Homeopathy is used an alternative treatment in many foreign countries like US, UK and Australia. As far as therapeutic medication is concerned, several well-proved medicines are available for kidney stone treatment that can be selected on the basis of cause, sensation and modalities of the complaints. It is also useful for frequent urination and bloody urine caused by prostate gland enlargement. Individuals with special genetic predisposition, immune destruction of the insulin-producing cells determines a progressive loss of endogenous insulin. Our main goal using the homeopathic remedy is to prevent complications and get sugar levels in balance. Lycopodium is a huge antipsoric remedy and a polychrest remedy, which means that it is a remedy of many uses. He is in karate now and feeling more and more comfortable in his body and way less shy all together. It is prepared from different sources like plant, mineral, animal kingdoms, diseased tissues, hormones and healthy tissues and imponderables. For individualized remedy selection and treatment, the patient should consult a qualified homeopathic doctor in person. Therefore requires exogenous insulin to gain control of glucose, prevent Diabetic Cetoacidosis and sustain life. If you tend to form uric acid stones, you may need to cut back on the amount of meat you eat.
I would put it amongst the top ten remedies for frequency of being needed and wonderfulness of its efficacy when correctly prescribed.
A Homeopathy remedy will not harm your body functions as homeopathy remedies are natural remedy and the acceptance of homeopathy is growing fast as herbal remedies, alternative treatment - alternative medicines. There has been observed a genetic predisposition, but pathogenesis is different from the type I diabetes patients; most patients are obese and many show the action of insulin resistance. Cystine is one of the building blocks that make up muscles, nerves, and other parts of the body. Usually, endogenous insulin production should be sufficient to prevent cetoacidosis, but when the stress is very intense, they may receive cetoacidosis. It also relieves other symptoms including depression, loss of appetite, diarrhea, white coating on tongue and greasy taste in the mouth.\r\n\r\nFresh plant is unsafe when taken by mouth or applied to skin. The other diabetes mellitus (secondary) show hyperglycemia associated with another cause, such as a pancreatic disease, pancreatectomy, pregnancy, drugs or chemicals, syndrome cushing, acromegaly, and many rare congenital disorders.
The most useful homeopathic remedies in the treatment of diabetes are: • Phosphorus • Arsenicum album • Lycopodium clavatum • Phosphoricum acidum • Lacticum acidum • China officinalis • Silicea • Sulphur • Calcarea carbonica • Nitricum acidum • Aceticum acidum • Ignatia • Chimapila • Sizygium • Argentum nitricum • Arsenicum iodatum • Lachesis • Natrum sulphuricum • Argentum metallicum • Bryonia • Aceticum acidum • Thuja It is important to mention that in the case of type I diabetes all what we can do is to improve the symptomatic box and complications that may be treated, since this type of diabetes is incurable. Veratrum album is a natural treatment for gastritis and it can relieve most symptoms of gastritis such as hiccups after consuming hot drinks, belching, belching after eating, mucus ejection when burping, vomiting, terrible hunger and great thirst.\r\n\r\nWhen it proves dangerous, narcotic symptoms, such as prolonged stupor and convolusions, are evident.
In diabetes type II homeopathic remedies  help achieve very good results in the most of patients; even sometimes, the dose of oral hipoglicemiant seems to be optimized, even reducing the drugs and even they might be withdrawn. Of course, it will depend if the patient takes a proper diet, exercise routine, handles stress through meditation or otherwise, takes timely homeopathic medication; and also receives a good education to alert the patient of revisions, which should be with a monthly check-up, including a check of their retinas (with an ophthalmologist consultation at least every 6 months). Furthermore, caring of their feet using soft, comfortable shoes, with a size at least a half number larger can be recommended. Teach full care of the body and notations of any alarm when our patient notices ulcers, dark colors in fingers or swelling, immediately goes to the homeopath (or doctor), and logically also making use of resources which must include a chemistry laboratory blood full for evaluation of glucose, kidney filtration, metabolic, as well as the serum electrolyte, full blood biometrics and General urine test. Gastritis symptoms such as stomach pain, heartburn, bloating, constipation and diarrhea can be relieved with Nix vomica.\r\n\r\nDespite serious safety concerns, Nux Vomica is used for diseases of the digestive tract, disorders of the heart and circulatory system, diseases of the eye and lung disease. It is worth mentioning the hiperosmolar condition usually found when the diabetics condition is not regulated or being diagnosed. The serum electrolyte imbalances is the diagnostic tool, as well as, the arterial blood gases. However, one of the symptoms most frequently involved in this condition is tiredness or weakness, it would be practical to mention that the most of the homeopathic acid remedies used in homeopathy have those symptoms as common denominators.
The intake of lycopodium helps relieve gastritis symptoms such as indigestions, belching, stress and bloating.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIt is a chief homeopathic remedy for bloating of flatulence, abdomen and several stomach related troubles such as colic dysentery, constipation, dyspepsia, indigestion and heartburn.
Next presentation shows the basic aspects of the "Weakness" symptom found in some homeopathic medicines, which have been proven useful in the treatment of diabetes 1. It is suitable for imperfect erections in old persons.\r\n\r\nTaking large amount of Lycopodium can harm the normal appetite of a person. This is also useful for IBS accompanied by chills, anxious restlessness and exhaustion.\r\nPhosphorus\r\nThe patient needing homeopathic phosphorus for heartburn will complain about burning pains felt in the abdomen. Weakness General: Silicea, arsenicum album, hyosciamus Niger, kali carbonicum, baptista, gelsemium, picnic acidum, iodum met, selenium, cocculus indicus, carbo animalis, sulphuricum acidum, ferrum metallicum, natrum muriaticum. Great weakness after stool.\r\nCarbo vegetabilis\r\nThe patient will have greatly distended (bloated) abdomen, especially upper portion. It is also a large drug bleeding anywhere body by avoiding significantly the cerebral vascular event. The right side conditions works well and thus improve the liver and kidney functioning as conditions Neuropathy above all of the autonomic nervous system where there is constipation due to inactivity of the rectum.

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